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The Invasion Of America

The Mexican cartels are now successfully moving drugs into the nation in mammoth quantities

The Invasion Of America

The Invasion Of America

by Pete Ketcham

There is now a danger to our nation that most citizen have a general knowledge of, but may not realize the full devastation that is currently taking place, and also the long term consequences of this danger.

This danger is the present uncontrolled invasion by illegal immigrants of our southern border, which is promoted by the corrupt criminal Democratic party. The Democrats motivation for this action, is part of their overall plan to remain in power forever. This border plan consists of three major elements:

1. Literally open the border, and welcome any and all people from all over the world to enter this nation illegally.

2. Allow these illegal immigrants to vote in all elections. At present they are now allowed to vote in some city elections (San Francisco, New York, etc), and this trend is increasing.

3. Lastly, do what ever it takes to make sure they vote Democrat.

In this illegal Democrat border plan, there are present and future dangerous ramifications, two are listed as follows:

1. The Mexican cartels are now successfully moving drugs into the nation in mammoth quantities, principally meth, heroin, opioids, and fentanyl (which the AG of Florida, says  an amount has been smuggled in the last ten months sufficient to kill every person in the US six times over). The cartels have also set up headquarters in major US cities and maintain many illegal marijuana farms. The following is an article about the take over of three northern California counties by the cartels:  

Marijuana wars: Violent Mexican drug cartels turn Northern California into ‘The Wild West’

The cartels have also increased their human trafficking because of the ease of crossing the border. All this is the result of an open border, and is going to get worse.

2. At present, many states are not feeling any significant effects such as the border states are presently experiencing, but as millions of  illegal immigrants continue to pour over our border, it will eventually impact every state in the nation, and radically change our national culture and constitutional way of governing. Illegal immigrants are being secretly transported to various cities throughout the nation by the Biden administration, and regardless of where you live, you will eventually experience the impact of this action in the school system, workplace, and the criminal justice system, if this invasion continues.

It is evident that the Democrats are not concerned for the welfare of the people or the nation’s sovereignty, but only concerned about what they perceive will keep them in power.

It is also evident, that the Republicans have been ineffective in stopping or slowing down the invasion of our southern border. We have 50 Republican senators and 213 Republican representatives, and yet we have only a handful that are speaking out, visiting the border, and attempting to pass legislation to control the border, all of which has been completely ineffective thus far. It is pathetic and incomprehensible that our legislators are actually more concerned about the borders of Ukraine and Taiwan than our own borders.

Lastly, it would seem that the policies (including the border wall) that Trump had enacted need to be put back in place if we are ever to overcome this present catastrophe, including an all out war to destroy the cartels in both Mexico and the US.


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