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Living In A World Of Deception And Fantasy

All this present corruption and chaos can be traced back to the take over of the entire US education system

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Living In A World Of Deception And Fantasy

by Pete Ketcham

As one looks at the political activities in our nation today, it becomes evident that the typical godless Democrat politician lives in either a world of deception or fantasy depending on what message the politician is attempting to convey, and which audience is being addressed.

A good example of living mostly in a fantasy world would be AOC. Good examples of living in a world of deception would be Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff. This is not to say AOC does not resort to deception, she does. As for Biden, he has been deep into both his entire political career.

These liberal politicians became so immersed in deception and fantasy as they pursued their political agenda over the years, that they are now literally unable to comprehend honesty and reality.

The politicians (mostly Republicans) who operate within the realm of honesty and reality continue to try to reach agreements with the Democrats on a mutual basis of trust, but it has become almost impossible to reach any meaningful agreement. In the event an agreement is reached, the Democrats will not hesitate to violate it if they perceive a political advantage by doing so.

This situation of corruption, deception, and fantasy within our government has now reached such a point, that one would be justified (without research) to assume anything stated by a Democrat politician is nonfactual, or an outright lie.


All this present corruption and chaos can be traced back to the take over of the entire US education system by the godless liberal progressives, beginning in the early 1960’s. And like cancer, it has metastasized over a period of 60 years to a point that is beyond a cure by the political conservative Christian community. In essence, the entire Democrat party has evolved into a mammoth crime syndicate.

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