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Labeling and Demonizing, Propaganda At Work

Today our nation is going through the same process by the actions of the godless Democrat party

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Labeling and Demonizing, Propaganda At Work

by Pete Ketcham

History has shown that the Nazi party of Germany perfected the art of labeling & demonizing a group of people, when they successfully turned their nation’s general population against the Jewish citizens of Germany.

The Nazis utilized their control over the national media (newspapers, movies, books ), national education system, and other assets such as public posters, national speeches, etc to successfully demonize the Jews. In their process of demonizing the Jews, they blamed them for every monetary problem Germany was going through, and other negative issue they could falsely tie them to. They labeled the Jews as parasites and vermin, with “respected” German doctors falsely accusing them of bringing on a typhus epidemic. This demonization continued to grow until the Nazis could “justify” arresting and sending them to the death camps, where millions died. And so, by continuous Nazi propaganda, the German population accepted this unjust treatment of their Jewish fellow citizens.

Today our nation is going through the same process by the actions of the godless Democrat party. Like the Nazis, they are using their control of the media, entertainment industry, and education system to demonize and label a segment of our society. The following examples of this process are as follows:

  1. If you are white and conservative, you have “white privilege”, and are a racist.
  2. If you are white, conservative, and christian, you are a racist, a homophobe, and a bigot.
  3. If you do not believe in the fraud of climate Change, you are a “denier”.
  4. If you do not accept the philosophy of Critical Race Theory (CRT), you are a racist.
  5. If you do not want the degenerate LGBT agenda taught to your children, you are a homophobe.

There are many more examples developing on a daily bases that could be cited.

Although this present process of demonization by the Democrats is similar to the Nazi’s process, there is a element the Democrat’s have added, and that is a nation wide culture of extreme RESENTMENT AND HATE against God-fearing white conservatives, and also anyone else who disagrees them.

This culture of hate started in the universities in the 1960’s, primarily lead by Berkeley University students. It did not start out based on hate, but as these students graduated, moved into the social community, and became political leaders, this culture of hatred grew progressively to what we are now presently experiencing from the Democrat party.


At present there is no known cure or antidote for the level of hatred and lies that are spewing forth from the democrat party, news media, and academia. It has now reached such a level of insane hatred of Donald Trump, that the Democrats through the January 6th commission are determined to literally destroy the lives of every person connected to Trump, including Trump himself.

As I have read the accounts of the Nazi party over the years, I never imagined that this type of degenerate evil could ever occur in the United States, but sadly it has.


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1 Comment on Labeling and Demonizing, Propaganda At Work

  1. The observation of this article should not be underestimated. This boiling cauldron of hatred has to be vented…like Mr. Ketcham noted…there is no cure or antidote…the hatred has to be spent with the logical direction being towards those they have been indoctricated to hate.

    Another pertinent example is the Japanes Empire…from 1900 through the first steps of invading Mongolia and Shanhai…continuing through WWII…the Japanese populace was taught a fierce hatred against the Chinese. Japan was a seething caulron of hatred…and it was unleashed and spent on the Chinese people.

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