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*UPDATED* Will the Idaho Republican Party Throw the Voters Under the Bus?

If the Republican party wants to be insignificant and irrelevant, by all means give them what they wish for.

Idaho Republican Party Throw the Voters Under the Bus

Will the Idaho Republican Party Throw the Voters Under the Bus?

by Shari Dovale

Idaho is known as one of the reddest States in the Union. Solidly conservative, only a few counties have any chance of electing democrats.

It is so solid that the general elections really mean nothing, as the primary is the proving ground. Whichever candidate wins the primary election can practically guarantee they will have their office when the terms turn over. This holds true for all elections, from state level, such as Governor, down to county level, such as commissioner.

Some years ago, the Republican party in Idaho closed their primaries to only those registered within their party. This became a bone of contention to the Democrats moving into the state, and their attempts to turn the state blue. They chose to fight the closed primary by registering as Republicans for the primaries, attempting to control who would get the nomination, as well as the seat after the General election.

But the Republican party shot themselves in the foot over the closed election. Everyone else could see the Democrat strategy, but those within the party, mainly many of the state level central committee members, could not. Since then, they have dealt with the infiltration of “RINOs” (Republicans In Name Only) both within the leadership of the party and the elected offices around the state.

They are now proposing another level of idiocy in their quest for total control of the state and the people.

The Bonneville County central committee has written a rule change for the party to consider this weekend during their annual Winter Convention. This rule change requires everyone that wishes to be placed on the Republican primary ballot to have a written endorsement by the Republican party.

For every elected seat from Governor down to county Assessor, the candidate will need prior approval from a small group of of people rather than an election of the citizens. This small group of people will then narrow the choices down to one, or in some cases two, and that will be that.

If there is only one name on the ballot, standard procedure in these elections are that it is a given and the ballots will not be printed. Therefore, there will likely be no primary as the small group of elites will decide for you who will take the seat.

This is not a representative government. This goes to the Big “R” versus little “r” debate of Republicanism, similar to the Big “L” versus little “l” Libertarians.

As you can see above, “republican” is an advocate for a republic, and a “Republican” is a member of the party. At one time, you could call a Republican conservative. That no longer seems to be true.

The people that wrote this rule change are not showing conservative values. They are all about taking the voting choices away from the people. This is not republicanism.

This is not a representative government for the people. This is not about smaller, limited government. This is about taking complete control and not allowing the people a choice.

When Ammon Bundy announced his candidacy for Governor, the State party Chairman, Tom Luna, threw what could only be called a hissy fit.

IDGOP Chairman Tom Luna: Ammon Bundy is Not Welcome in the IDGOP

Idaho GOP to Bundy: Get lost

Luna’s determination to keep Bundy off the primary ballot seems to be a factor in this proposed rule change.

But that is not all.

The establishment party officials have made it clear they also do not want what they refer to as “Far Right” candidates. These are the candidates that the people refer to as “Liberty Legislators.” They include Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, currently running for Governor with all expectations of Brad Little attempting a re-election, and Lt. Col. Priscilla Giddings, currently running against Speaker of the House Scott Bedke for Lt. Governor.

The people remember the shenanigans that were pulled against Giddings this past summer with the ethics committee and it’s Chairman Sage Dixon, who is very close to Speaker Bedke.

The Party prefers what they call “Reasonable Republicans” or people that are willing to compromise their values.

Another Liberty Legislator is Heather Scott who has been moved to another district through the gerrymandering in the state. There is also Todd Engel, who is a Liberty candidate for House Seat 1B, currently held by Ethics Chairman Sage Dixon.

Sage Dixon is Not the Guy We Thought We Elected

Behind the Push for Mandatory Vaccines

The list can continue, but suffice to say that these Liberty candidates will not have any chance to represent the people if the Republican Party have their way with this rule change. The Republican Party will be unleashing a cleansing that would make the Communists proud.


It is time to talk some truth! The Republican party is fractured beyond repair. The proposed rule change shows that Party comes before principles, and also before the people. The rule change will last forever, with party leadership rotating through the RINOs in the state.

Do not forget that the Republican party is nothing more than a private club. They are not a government organization. They can do what they want and disallow the people from having a say in the nomination process, as made clear by Legislative District 1 Chairman, Bjorn Handeen:

Idaho Republican Party Throw the Voters Under the Bus


Idaho Republican Party Throw the Voters Under the Bus

We do understand that if this rule change is passed there will be an immediate court battle to challenge it. But the fact that they are a private organization, they may win that battle. If they do not, this will certainly not be taken off the table, and will likely be brought up on a regular basis until it is passed.

Regardless of the outcome of this vote, a challenge is issued to every Liberty candidate to register at the filing time in March as an unaffiliated, or independent, candidate thereby bypassing the primary altogether and going straight to the General election in November.

If the Republican party wants to be insignificant and irrelevant, by all means give them what they wish for.


*UPDATE* – 1.8.22:  The proposed rules change did not pass through committee, and did not get sent to the full body for a vote.


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4 Comments on *UPDATED* Will the Idaho Republican Party Throw the Voters Under the Bus?

  1. Clearly there are many “former” registered Republicans who finally gave up and reclassified themselves as Constitution Party, or, “unaffiliated” voters. The GOP absolutely must remove the RINOs in the local Central Committies and replace them with true and proved Christian, Constitutional, Conservatives, or Idaho will continue being a “purple” State, or even turn Blue. And, get rid of Little, Bedke,Dixon, and more RINOs. That’s a fact.

  2. Read about this from Ammon Bundy’s email alert. I did not know where this originated from and am pleased to see it here. What can be done to oust those in the Bonneville central committee that drafted this?

    January 7, 2022

    Boise, ID —

    The Rules Committee of the Idaho Republican Party voted unanimously to defeat a proposed rule change that would have modified the primary process by requiring Republican candidates for Federal, State, Legislative, or County offices to first receive an endorsement from their State, Legislative or County Committee, respectively.

    After intense coverage from members of the media and passionate debate from members of the Standing Rules Committee, the proposed rule was defeated unanimously. Although, many members acknowledged the legitimacy of concerns regarding unaffiliated candidates and voters disingenuously interfering in the affairs of the Idaho Republican Party, ultimately, the committee concluded that the proposed rule change was too restrictive of a solution.

    The Idaho Republican Party today reaffirmed its fundamental commitment to the principle that the selection of Republican nominees is best left to the wisdom of Republican voters.

  4. Is there any way to weigh in on this meeting? The ‘far-right’ label is a label of the far left. the problem here is not ‘far right’ candidates, but a lack of testicular fortitude in remaining true to your beliefs. Having a border is not ‘far right’. Opposing the Marxist racists of BLM is not ‘far right’. And notice these Globalists never define what is too far left? BTW…this private part known as the Republican Party is representing the PEOPLE. Treat it like a private party and there are going to be very few guests in the years to come.

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