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Can We Return To Our National Origins?

It is apparent that our nation is currently in a civil war between God-fearing conservatives, and godless liberals


Can We Return To Our National Origins?

by Pete Ketcham

The primary question that resides within the hearts and minds of most Christians and conservatives today is, how does this nation regain it’s moral base of christian principles that had guided it for almost 200 years?

They see crime, chaos, and moral depravity reaching depths in our nation that was completely unimaginable only thirty years ago.

It has been evident that conservative legislators can be elected (such as Trump). to improve the economic and political situation, but the moral and social aspects of the nation continue to plunge. Can it all be turned around someway?

At the present, there does not appear to be any force or strategy that is able to stop the downward moral plunge of this nation. Even though Trump was a friend of the Christian community, and was able to improve the economy, the military, border security, and other aspects of the nation, he was unable to slow down the moral plunge of our nation. He and millions of his supporters had believed they could make America great again (MAGA) before making America good again.

It is apparent that our nation is currently in a civil war between God-fearing conservatives, and godless liberals, yet in our struggles there are similarities to the revolutionary war that created this nation. Some are as follows:

  1. The revolutionary war was fought against a vastly superior British army and navy, that possessed far more assets and experience than the Continental army of George Washington. In the same context we are presently fighting a criminal enemy (Democrats) that hold vastly superior assets such as the national education system, mainstream news, entertainment industry, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.), liberal billionaire contributors, and other significant assets.
  2. As you read the history of the revolutionary war of George Washington, you will find that the continental army was much smaller than the British army and lost numerous battles against the British, and even though it looked hopeless at times, they did not give up. In like manner we are losing major battles against the criminal Democrat enemy such as the fraudulent impeachment of Trump, fraudulent 2020 presidential election, January 6th commission, and the list goes on. Even though it looks hopeless for us at this present time, we have not given up, and continue the fight with the assets we have, and the patriots who have risen up.
  3. Lastly, with the help of God the continental army came out of Valley Forge with training and new tactics that enabled them to defeat the British, and win the freedom to create a constitutional republic. I believe with the help of God we also can eventually win this war to save our Constitutional Republic if we do not give up, but it can not be done unless we also adapt new strategies & tactics.


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2 Comments on Can We Return To Our National Origins?

  1. Here we go again with “Christian conservatives” thinking erroneously that they hold the morality for the entire conservative platform and for the country. NEWSFLASH!!! There are plenty of us conservative non Christian’s who have just as much morality as you! You are losing because you build in the small tent of Christian fundamentalism and keep anyone who thinks separate from your religious tenants in the camp with the corrupt democrats. You only have yourselves to blame for trying to remake the world in your idealistic and image. After all, does not your Bible tell you to, “be in the world not of the world?” The government belongs to all of us, not just Christian’s. Keep spouting this nonsense in articles like this and I promise as you work against yourself, you will continue to see your numbers fall.

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