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Boise Legislators Tax Seniors Right Out of Their Homes

Homes with values exceeding 125% of the median prices are no longer qualified for the exemption

Boise Legislators Tax Seniors Right Out of Their Homes

Boise Legislators Tax Seniors Right Out of Their Homes

by Shari Dovale

The Idaho House passed what they are calling an historic tax reduction (HB 436) this week. The sponsor of this bill is Mike Moyle, RINO extraordinaire, who has already bamboozled the people by gutting the circuit breaker credit, so I suggest they go through his bill with a fine-toothed comb.

Just last session, in May 2021, Moyle rushed his bill through during the remaining few hours of the session. It was passed and signed before the people knew what was happening. Let’s take a look at his short circuiting the circuit breaker.

The Idaho Property Tax Reduction, also known as the Circuit Breaker tax credit, has been a tremendous help, nearly a lifeline, for seniors and low income property owners around the state. It has been in place since 1974, assisting the low income seniors, and others, with their property taxes.

Last year, through HOUSE BILL 389, the people got bilked of this credit and many will be paying the price now. Many of the low income seniors that rely on this tax break are going to be losing hundreds of dollars, beginning immediately.

However, the big benefits of the bill go to Mike Moyle’s buddies in business, for those buying inventory, machinery and equipment will increase their tax exemption from $100,000 to $250,000.

Mike Moyle, the RINO that has been serving in District 14 since 1998, was the brainchild of this fiasco, and too many Republicans just signed onto it without even bothering to read it. (At least, we hope they didn’t know what they were agreeing too when they voted for this bill.)

Citizens in all 44 counties, that would normally file for the tax reduction, will be receiving a letter like this one sent out in Boundary county:

Homes with values exceeding 125% of the median prices are no longer qualified for the exemption. Think of the recent influx of immigrants from the Leftists regimes of the West Coast, and their absurd spending increasing the property values throughout the state. The county Assessors have gone around adjusting the assessments of all the homes, putting many of these seniors in a very precarious position. Their taxes have skyrocketed, and most will not be able to pay them.

These “Reasonable Republicans” (which are commonly known as RINOs) have offered a solution for these desperate seniors. It is a tax deferral program (HB 309) that is way too much like a reverse mortgage, in which the property owner’s heirs lose the home to back taxes plus interest. Yes, we are talking 3% interest rate and a lien.

Let us see how each of these legislators explains to the constituents in their districts how they helped these low income people by pushing them out of their homes. After all, the state needed a few million more dollars. The nearly $2 billion surplus in Idaho doesn’t seem to be enough for RINO Brad Little and his cronies.

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2 Comments on Boise Legislators Tax Seniors Right Out of Their Homes

  1. Property Taxes seem to be a legit means of acquiring revenue for local and state governments; but they have many wicked aspects too.

    As in this case, it is scary and a heavy burden to think of owning a home, then retiring at say 65 years old…and knowing you might have to pay Property Taxes for the next 30 years amounting to at least that many thousands of dollars…and more if you reside in a School District.

    Not too mention the Communist declaration that their aims are “The complete abolition of Private Property.” If you don’t pay the Property Taxes your ownership will be taken away…so in effect you are just renting the Property from the government.

    And then there are the Zulu Wars, many Zulus from Natal went to South Africa for work; leaving a worker shortage in Natal. The solution by the British overlords was to create a “Hut Tax” (e.g. Property Tax) to force the remaining Zulus to work. The Zulus were not hearing that so they rebelled.

    So, a person is left to wonder, just how much Social Engineering a Property Tax is…and if the Social Engineering is greater than the revenue…just how wicked Property Taxes are.

  2. Sad! And very disappointing. My husband and I both worked all of our lives, fortunately we earned Retirement, small amounts, and we live on fixed income. We are just above the allowable amount to qualify for the Circuit Breaker, but still must live on a tight budget. We don’t get the $75.00 rebate, and our property taxes increased substantially this last year. The Legislature is not considering All the taxpayers here in Idaho. We all pay them, through everything we buy. We are okay financially for now, but many Seniors aren’t. Appreciate bringing our attention to this and the people that dreamed up this unfortunate increase to homeowners.

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