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The Increased EMP Threat To America

Our enemies now see a divided nation that is literally self destructing by the illogical policies of a corrupt and inept political party

The Increased EMP Threat To America

The Increased EMP Threat To America

by Pete Ketcham

In 2019 I had written an article about the potential EMP threat to America from China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Since then that threat has increased, especially from China in part because of the following reasons:

1. China has significantly increased their threat to invade Taiwan based on the fact they have increased their military capabilities, and we now have a mentally incompetent president (Commander In Chief), and a military led by incompetent generals as demonstrated by the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan. This change of status presents China with a possible one time opportunity for an invasion of Taiwan. This invasion could be preceded with a simultaneous EMP attack over Taiwan and the US, which could render both nation’s militaries incapable of defending Taiwan.

2. China also has an orbital hypersonic missile that could deliver a nuclear EMP over our nation. At present we do not have the capability to detect and stop this type of missile, and China knows this.

3. China (Russia also) is now installing missiles with launch systems inside shipping containers that can be loaded on container ships. These container ships would appear to be making a normal approach to our coast (East or West) with a shipping container (or containers) enclosing a missile, launching system, and a nuclear EMP warhead that could be launched off our coast and detonated at the at the proper EMP altitude.

The following is a brief review of the basics of EMP

The initials “EMP” stands for Electromagnetic Pulse, which is a destructive force that can be generated by an nuclear explosion at various altitudes of approximately 75 miles to 300 miles above the earths surface. This explosion creates three destructive pulses E1, E2, and E3, which at the higher altitudes could impact the entire United States. The Super-EMP which has now been developed, make these three pulses even more destructive. The combination of these three “EMP” pulses if detonated over our nation could produce a catastrophic situation that would take out most of (if not all) our electric grid and electronic systems. This would put us back into the 19th century without any means for survival. The rate of survival of this EMP attack has been estimated by experts as only 10% of the population due to starvation and uncontrolled crime.

It is unfortunate that this EMP issue has not been a priority with the leaders of this nation. Congress has been repeatedly briefed by experts concerning this issue, but  It has never become a priority with them. So far, both Democrat and Republican presidents through the years have failed to harden (protect) the national electric grid, which leaves the nation very vulnerable. China and the other hostile nations (Russia, Iran, and North Korea) are well aware of our unpreparedness.

Our enemies now see a divided nation that is literally self destructing by the illogical policies of a corrupt and inept political party (Democrats). Combining this with the uncontrolled crime, riots, and gross immorality that is now rampant across the nation, we present our enemies a “target of opportunity” that has never existed before.

Adding to the uncertainty of a EMP threat, both China and Russia are setting up a potential invasion of their adjoining countries (Taiwan & Ukraine), which indicates both countries are working in cooperation to present a duel crises to our inept and befuddled president and military leaders.

And so, If we continue our present course of ignoring the eminent threat of an EMP attack,  we may lose this nation not by self destruction (which we are well on our way to doing), but by a nuclear EMP attack by our enemies.


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  1. The assumption, and probably correct, is that ONLY the U.S. would do something. Taiwan is a UN/NATO problem. NOT U.S. Our military is mostly hardened against an EMP. So retaliating is definitely on the table. Esp. with ICBMs and our massive sub force

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