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Ruled By Corruption & Idiocies

winning these elections are only a speed bump on the way down to a catastrophic result

Ruled By Corruption & Idiocies

Ruled By Corruption & Idiocies

by Pete Ketcham

Based on what we are experiencing in our nation today, it has become clearly evident that the Democrat party is controlled by corrupt individuals that have abandoned all logic, wisdom, and moral principles as they govern this nation.

We have a fraudulently elected, mentally deficient, Democrat puppet president, who is controlled by a hidden cabal that is instituting the most extreme illogical policies this nation has ever been under.

Every law, policy, or mandate, the Democrats put forth is either based on corruption,  fantasy, or both. Reality and honesty no longer have a place in their political decisions, they consider only what they perceive will help them politically or financially.

If these Democrat policies continue to prevail, this nation will soon be unable to function as a constitutional nation. The following four examples illustrate some of these illogical policies, but there are many more;

(1) Each day brings more gang robberies, shootings (Chicago average 40 per weekend) and uncontrolled riots in major Democrat controlled cities across the nation. All of which is a direct result of defunding the police, refusing to prosecute crime, and other illogical policies instituted by the Democrat mayors and city councils.

(2) The illogical “climate change” movement supported by Democrats is bringing on an electrical power crises that will impact our nation from top to bottom. The Democrats are shutting down and destroying the nation’s basic power source (power plants and hydro damns) while building intermittent low output power sources such as windmills and solar farms that produce nothing during night, cloudy days, or windless days. The Democrats are passing laws that require cars, trucks, buses, new homes, and many other items to be entirely powered by electricity, when at the same time they are destroying the only reliable source of electric power. This one issue alone aptly illustrates that the Democrats are operating on the edge of complete insanity.

(3) The woke CRT racist world of the Democrats that is being taught in our school system, and spread throughout the nation, has turned our normal logical social world upside down. This has created a racial divide between blacks and whites, leaving many people confused, angry, and vengeful. The Democrats claim they are for harmony, and racial equality, but are creating the very apposite with their illogical policies.

(4) We are now experiencing a complete degenerate moral breakdown as the LGBT’s bizarre agenda has created a mythical world where there are multiple sexes, where bizarre sex acts and relations are considered normal, where a man can become a woman, and a woman can become a man, etc. There is no longer anything concerning sex that is immoral. This illogical degenerate agenda is fully promoted and protected by policies and laws passed by Democrats

There are a multitude of other issues that I could list, but I refer you to an article by Freedom Man:

This is the America We Voted For

The nation is now reaping the results of the seeds it sowed years ago when it allowed a godless secular school system to indoctrinate it’s youth (who are now governing the nation) with a warped sense of logic and morals. This applies especially to the Christian community, who became so caught up in school sports and other social activities, they failed to see that their children were receiving an inferior education in the basics, and a thorough indoctrination in principles that directly opposed their christian principles of morality and common sense.

This indoctrination is still going on today as the current teachers, professors, administrators, and principles pass on the indoctrination they themselves received as students.

There is currently a (false) sense of hope among the Republican politicians that the upcoming 2022 & 2024 elections are going to cure all the present social, economic, and political problems. But winning these elections are only a speed bump on the way down to a catastrophic result. It is way beyond the demonstrated ability of the Republican Party as it exists today, to stop, or even slow down the illogical moral plunge our nation is caught in.

God may have a plan for this nation to bring it back to it’s original moral basis, but it doesn’t seem likely it will be accomplished through the Republican party.



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