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REALITY CHECK (We are not winning)

In just nine months they were able to destroy all the good that Trump had done


REALITY CHECK (We are not winning)

by Pete Ketcham

The discouraging reality today, is that despite how hard the conservative Christians are fighting to save the nation, the fight is being lost. This loss began sixty years ago when the “Baby Boomers” (future national leaders), decided to abandon the God-fearing bible based moral foundation of our nation in preference to a godless secular culture with no moral foundation.

Back in the 60’s, the Christian community (and the general public) had no idea how devastating this downward journey was going to be. Things we see taking place today were completely unimaginable back in the 60’s, and in fact unimaginable back in the 80’s. Today there are so many bizarre agendas and beliefs it is hard to list them all, but two that impact us more than the rest, are climate change and the LGBT agenda.

There are presently hundreds of conservative organizations, movements, and individuals that have sprung up over the years in an attempt to stop the destructive downward journey of our nation, but despite their efforts, it continues to get worse.

Many conservatives in 2016 (when Trump became president) were optimistic that things might be “turning around”,  but the optimism was short lived, as the godless progressives (Democrats) were able to FRAUDULENTLY remove him from office after only one term as president, and in just nine months they were able to destroy all the good that he had done.

One possible solution to this dilemma is for the conservative organizations, movements, and individuals to come together under a single national coalition where all their assets and talent could be organized and coordinated into one powerful political force that could have the potential to exceed the political power of both existing political parties.

Unfortunately at this time there appears to be no desire within the conservative community to form a primary coalition that would require them to give up some of their organizational position and power. That same attitude had prevailed within the Tea-party movement, which has now become almost non-existent today.

The conservative community in our nation today is ignoring the history lesson of the American colonial militias that had the wisdom to unite and form a continental army, that with God’s help was able to defeat the strongest army in the world at that time.

Lastly, It would appear that if the conservative christian community wishes to break their losing streak, they will have to unite and adapt new tactics, or wait, hope, and pray that God steps in to help save the nation, but that could be a cataclysmic event.


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3 Comments on REALITY CHECK (We are not winning)

  1. I have come to the following realization lately: America cannot be fixed. She needs to be reborn. You cannot revive a dead fish nor can you prevent society from committing suicide if it has lost the will to live. If we want to save our country, like our Founders, we will have to accept that our comforts and even our financial security may be lost. We have to get in the fight in a way that makes us as well as our enemies uncomfortable. That’s just the reality of the situation.

  2. It’s simpler than the author thinks. What we’ve been seeing for the last sixty years is actually the rise of Technocracy worldwide. We lobby, protest, vote, donate, and go to court, all legal activities. While we’ve been doing that, the Left, under its various ideologies, chief among them now being the technocrats, has been engaged in a campaign of intimidation, character assassination, blackmail, extortion, bribery, vote fraud, vandalism, arson, and the occasional murder. We’re in a cage match in which the referee is blind and has been bribed, and the other guy is using a ball bat. When the other side respects no boundaries and has no moral compunctions, it can only end one way. We aren’t getting out of this mess peacefully; the Left won’t have it any other way.

  3. In the 1950’s and 60’s the liberals honey-soaked words infiltrated the main-stream through the media and the Interstate Highway System. There is plenty of documentation of their licklespittle introduction of debauchery as just another choice of liberty…when in fact it is an abandonment of standards and values.

    Concerning Militia’s in the Colonial era; they were not Militia’s for Militia’s sake; they had a very powerful, headstrong, and brutal opponent to keep them on their toes; the merciless Indian savage. Whole villages on the frontier did not sleep easy…and had one ear cocked the whole night listening for the Militia muster bell.

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