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Kootenai Health Plans to ReEducate Unvaxxed Employees

They are now making their own mandates, and are making the decision to enforce medical tyranny upon the employees themselves.

Kootenai Health Plans to Re-Educate Unvaxxed Employees

Kootenai Health Plans to ReEducate Unvaxxed Employees

by Shari Dovale

Redoubt News has obtained internal emails sent to all staff by Kootenai Health Director Human Resources, Debbie Kerns.

This is the policy that Kootenai Health (KH) plans to enforce for all employees that request a religious exemption:

Kootenai Health Kootenai Health
Kootenai Health

The employee must describe IN DETAIL their beliefs and how the Covid 19(84) vax is in conflict with these beliefs. This is a common tactic from all exemption forms that I have read since this plandemic began. The employers make the employee go into such detail, so that it can be refuted by the smallest word. It seems that they will go to any lengths to disprove an employees religious beliefs.  This is coercion.

For example:

If an employee requests an exemption due to Fetal Cells being used in the development of the “vaccine”, the employer might require them to somehow guarantee that they will never take Acetaminophen (Tylenol), aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), Benadryl, Claritin (antihistamines), or Azithromycin (antibiotic) among a long laundry list of other over the counter (OTC) medications as fetal cells have reportedly been used in their development as well.

Arkansas-based Conway Regional Health System developed a list of such drugs for the specific purpose described.

It is also stated that the Kootenai Health mitigation plan to deal with unvaccinated employees with religious exemptions is re-“education regarding public health principles.” These trained health professionals already understand the risks of this gene therapy mRNA “vaccine.”. One wonders how many would be easily swayed in a years time, after they have been “Re-educated” again?

Additionally, KH says that they intend to keep full records on all employees regarding their vaccine status.

Kootenai Health is currently not requiring a booster shot, however, they are requiring notification be given them if an employee receives a booster shot. Likewise, they also intend to keep records of these boosters.

With vaccine mandates being halted throughout the country, and even Joe Biden stopping the enforcement of his unconstitutional demands, Kootenai Health continues to put their faithful or devout employees, which in this area is mostly Christians, through dictatorial directives and threaten them with losing their livelihoods. They admit within these documents that their policies may be revised, including being made more restrictive.

KH can no longer say they are following State OSHA or federal mandates. They are now making their own mandates, and are making the decision to enforce medical tyranny upon the employees themselves.


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1 Comment on Kootenai Health Plans to ReEducate Unvaxxed Employees

  1. People should not need a religious exemption from getting the covid serum shots, period.
    We have the right to decide what we will allow to be put into our own bodies, period . End of discussion.
    We can stand for something or kneel for anything.
    These are very difficult and trying times we live in. It is a time of very difficult decision making.
    May God guide us .

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