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Dorothy and Todd: A Conversation Between Candidates

May 17, 2022 is Election Day

Dorothy and Todd

Dorothy and Todd: A Conversation Between Candidates

by Shari Dovale

Todd Engel is a candidate for Idaho State Representative, Seat 1 B.

Engel decided to throw his hat into the election ring after enduring years of Federal overreach and abuse. Engel had nearly 5 years taken from him, yet he came through it a much stronger Christian and conservative. He believes in the system as it was designed.

After his release, Engel learned of more government abuses and overreach, as well as what the Democrat party is perpetuating on this country, and in this state. He has decided to throw his hat into the ring to protect the citizens from what happened to him.

Dorothy Moon is a current State Representative that has chosen to run for Secretary of State.

Moon was a driving force in helping Engel in his fight for release from an unjust system. She even traveled to Nevada to meet with the 5 Idaho citizens that were incarcerated as political prisoners. She told Todd that she had to help him, as it was “a matter of right and wrong.”

That is why she decided to run for Secretary of State. She knew there were questions of election integrity and they should be addressed. “It’s A Matter Of Right And Wrong,” as she tells us.

That is how these two good people live their lives, and why they have chosen to continue the fight through the May Primary Election, and beyond.

Moon and Engel sit down in the following video to discuss that bond between them, and their upcoming campaigns for the Idaho State Primary.

Learn more about these candidates here:

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Dorothy Moon for Idaho Secretary of State



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