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The Silver Lining

Because of all these closed doors, It seemed that God did not want Trump to remain as president.


The Silver Lining

by Pete Ketcham

The term “The Silver Lining” refers to the good that comes out of a bad situation. Even though it is hard to imagine anything good that has impacted our nation since Biden and his cabal took control of this nation, there are two issues with a silver lining

These are the Covid-19 pandemic and the fraudulent election of Biden


The silver lining of this issue concerns our education system. For many years our education system had been in the solid lock-down control of teachers unions and liberal school boards. There was little to no knowledge by parents and the general public of the curriculum (indoctrination) that was being taught, which included Critical Race Theory (CRT) and degenerate sex education.

The pandemic disrupted this liberal control by forcing schools to close and begin teaching on line where the parents had the opportunity to see what was being taught, and resulted in a tremendous “wake-up call”. As a result of this wake-up call the general public and parents are now beginning to take control of the school boards, and the school curriculum. Without the pandemic there was no chance this depraved school situation would had ever been exposed, or reformed. Thus, in this respect Covid-19 did have one Silver Lining.

Fraudulent 2020 Election

Even though It is difficult for most Republicans to believe anything good could come from the fraudulent election of Biden, (basically the installation of a mentally deficient old man dictated to by a hidden radical liberal cabal), there is a silver lining, as follows:

Trump and his associates worked hard to expose the corruption of this 2020 election, and appealed to every source that could assist them. They filed numerous lawsuits and appeals, but the following results prevailed:

  1. The state legislatures would not investigate the fraud.
  2. The state courts would not accept the cases of fraud.
  3. The federal legislatures would not investigate the fraud.
  4. The federal courts would not accept the cases of fraud.
  5. Lastly, the unintended January 6 riot at the federal state house removed all hope that Trump could keep the presidency.

Because of all these closed doors, It seemed that God (who is in control of this nation’s destiny) did not want Trump to remain as president. The following is a description of the silver linings that resulted from this election fraud.

  • (A). If Trump had remained in office, the Democrats and the mainstream media would have had four more years to blame every unpleasant event on Trump, to the point that the existing insane hate of Trump would have increased, and become so intense, the Democrats would have been able to build their mammoth anti-Trump pro-Democrat coalition throughout the nation to a point it could have possibly (in the view of the general public) discredited the entire Republican party and office holders.
  • (B) But more important, If Trump had remained in office, the greatly increased incompetence, corruption, and criminality of the Democrats would never have been exposed to the general public. This fact has now been demonstrated by the recent election in the blue state of Virginia as Republicans captured the Governorship, Lt Governor, and Attorney General offices. All this was done by keeping Trump mostly in the background of the campaigns, while the Democrats brought out all their heavy hitters (Biden, Harris, Obama, and others) front and center.

Although this is just one state, it is a strong indicator that future elections that may move the house and senate majority to the Republicans.

Lastly, even though Trump had accomplished considerable good for the nation during his four year term (all of which was destroyed in two short months by Biden), he unfortunately became a “lightning rod” for the most intense and vitriolic hate I have ever seen occur in the political arena, and has now become a questionable political asset for any downstream Republican candidate in a general election against a Democrat opponent.


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