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The Great Reset Is Local – Part 2

Installing 5G broadband is at the foundation of this agenda, the very key that will impact everything because of its data gathering capability

Great Reset decisions

The Great Reset Is Local – Part 2

by Karen Schumacher

In the prior article, The Great Reset Is Local, money given to counties from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is meant to implement the World Economic Forum (WEF) Great Reset Initiative, a devastating plan to destroy lives around the world.  But it isn’t just counties, that money is also intended for cities as noted in Section 603.  The trail is quite deep but it is there.

ARPA funding for cities is broken into two categories, Non-Entitlement Units (NEU) which are cities with 50,000 or less in population, and metropolitan cities.  Governor Little announced $54 million will be allocated NEUs for investments in “water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure”.  This is the first installment out of $107,940,808.00 that Idaho will be allocated.  Metropolitan cities receive direct payment from the treasury rather than through the state.  The National League of Cities (NLC) lists Idaho metropolitan cities that have committed to take funding and an estimated amount of money that can be taken for NEUs.

The Association of Idaho Cities (AIC) is a “nonpartisan, nonprofit corporation” that “provides education, training and assistance to strengthen the ability of city elected officials and staff to serve their communities.”, and “serves as the voice for cities before the Idaho Legislature, Idaho Governor and executive branch agencies, and Congress.”  Must be the new form of representation, they represent us, not elected officials.  Idaho cities with an asterisk are AIC members.

Four Officers and six District Officers serve on the AIC Board of Directors.  AIC provides Technical Assistance on topics such as Roles and responsibilities of elected officials which in reality is defined by law in Idaho Statute Title 50; Planning and financing capital projects which correlates with ARPA funding; and Planning and zoning where the WEF can easily integrate how it wants cities designed.

AIC does have associates, one being the League of Idaho Cities (LIC), a hidden entity, with Areas of Emphasis that include education, health & wellness, and broadband.  These areas in turn include even more partnerships that dilute citizen representation, and also coincide with the WEF in education, health & wellness, youth leadership, workforce development, and broadband.  Without going into details other AIC associates include ICCTFOA, IMA, IDCMA, and LHTAC.  AIC “affiliate partners” are secret.

Staying on the rabbit hole trail, AIC is a state municipal “league” in the NLC, probably one reason to keep its affiliates secret, but they are buddiesNLC  “is an organization comprised of city, town and village leaders that are focused on improving the quality of life for their current and future constituents.”, with a mission to “strengthen local leadership, influence federal policy and drive innovative solutions.”  Dues, that is taxpayer dollars, can be hefty.

NLC involves itself in a very broad spectrum of issues and advocates those opinions with the federal government.  Starting on page 58-67 in its 2021 National Municipal Policy and Resolutions document, two ARPA funding areas, water quality and wastewater treatment are discussed, Sustainable Development on page 102, and broadband on page 261.  Heck, there is even a section on “Human Development” on page x.  NLC has opinions on everything, not necessarily reflecting those of  Idaho citizens.
NLC has several partner programs, Enterprise, Capstone, and Executive.  While Capstone has a few corporations that are WEF members, it is the Executive program that is heavily laden with WEF partners.  Clicking on the NCL Executive page the Johnson Controls icon goes to a 404 page.  However, as a WEF partner, it looks like Johnson Controls, like a wolf, is going directly for county and city throats.

In 2019 the National Association of Counties (NACo), NLC, and Smart City Works co-hosted an event called Infrastructure Week,  highlighting technology and security.  The discussion centered around transportation, water, and energy systems, and how to “migrate infrastructure to the digital world.”  One of Smart City Works partners is Johnson Controls.  Speaker Lisa Brown, Johnson Controls national senior director of the Local Government and Municipal Infrastructure, talked about her company’s research on creating smarter communities, smart neighborhoods, and is all in for sustainability.  All of this brought down to the local city level through NLC.

Johnson Controls is a company that transforms “environments where people live, work, learn and play”, working in “industries such as healthcare, education, data centers, and manufacturing.”  Another focus area is “IoT and Smart Buildings for the Next Generation of Sustainable Cities“, all WEF objectives.  It sure got this statement right, “Connectivity and technology are not the end goal for smart cities…”.  The true end goal is having mass control over every aspect of our lives through data collection, the sharing of that data, and analysis of that data through AI.  Don’t believe for one minute it is about improving lives. Oh, and Johnson Controls is a federal government favorite.

NLC supports the “Build Back Better” agenda, which is actually the WEF agenda to change our economic system from free market capitalism to stakeholder capitalism, a euphemism for socialism spending, by controlling production and consumption equally among all through AI.  Build Back Better is the name of one bill currently being fought over in Congress, its companion, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, pouring more money into the same.  NLC also promotes the notion to Reimagine America’s Infrastructure, another WEF, and Western Governors Association, mantraBroadband, vaccinations, government survival, investments in water infrastructure, and intrusions into our health are all issues NLC supports.

NLC hides its United Nations (UN) and WEF involvement very well on its website, but is led by CEO and Execute Director Clarence E. Anthony who is a member of the UN global United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG).   In 2019 NLC attended the UCLG Towards the Localization of the SDGs conference and was recognized as being “crucial for empowering and mobilizing smaller local government organizations and their communities in the process of SDG Localization” (Pg 53).  “Localization relates both to how the SDGs can provide a framework for local development policy and to how local and regional governments can support the achievement of the SDGs…”.  Some of Idaho’s favorite leaders recently spoke at its 2021 conference, an NLC delegation is attending the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference, and NLC made a recent commitment to drive climate change action at a local level.   Sorry NLC, your buddies and agendas are busted.

One last note, the US Conference of Mayors is another group influenced by these outside forces, again at a hefty taxpayer price, and also sent delegates to the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference.  Maybe they can discuss the WEF Global Future Council on Cities of Tomorrow so the need for local representation won’t be necessary.

 These are the organizations controlling the future of our lives through influence with elected officials.

It is through the multiple layers of associations, affiliates, and partners that the Great Reset is being thrust down to a local level, and the government is funding it as per WEF recommendations.  City leaders belong to AIC which is a member of NLC, that in turn brings UN and WEF agendas down to the local level.  This is a standard method used by global entities to entrap our elected officials, feeding them the global agenda under the fallacy of “best practices”.  Even worse, it is altering and destroying our form of governance through elected representation.  How can elected officials listen to citizens when they have all of this propaganda in their heads?  Is it no wonder citizens are so exasperated?  Is it no wonder there is so much talk about stopping this only to be labeled domestic terrorists or threatening us for exercising our duty to throw off such Government?  Funny, it really sounds like the description of a domestic terrorist fits AIC and NLC.

It must be difficult for elected officials, being led into the den of deceit, possibly unaware and in the dark about the true agenda behind what they are being told, or maybe just being glad their responsibility for decisions can be determined by an outside entity, or maybe they believe in this ideology that destroys our country.

It is critical to meet with your Mayor and Council members to discuss AIC influences in their decisions.  Demand they exit the AIC.  For elected officials, it is time to recognize your responsibility to listen to citizens, they are the experts on how they want their city and community to function, not globetrotting organizations and corporations.  Don’t take any money that advances these ideologies, and that is exactly what ARPA funding does.  Installing 5G broadband is at the foundation of this agenda, the very key that will impact everything because of its data gathering capability.

Listen to the citizens who elected you.



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