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Cities Heading For Complete Chaos

There appears to be no logical plan of action by these Democrat controlled cities


Cities Heading For Complete Chaos

by Pete Ketcham

It is difficult at this time to project what the future is for the major cities with Democrat mayors and councils.

The Democrat controlled cities such as Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA, and others have reduced funding of their police departments, reduced criminal prosecution, and passed numerous illogical laws such as reducing looting to a misdemeanor as long as the value of the theft is less than $950. All this has created a major increase in crime, such as riots, murder, looting, drug use, homelessness, gang violence, and arson in these cities..

At this time there appears to be no logical plan of action by these Democrat controlled cities to deal with the impending out of control chaos, and thus far the citizens (victims) of these cities have made no significant effort to remove their incompetent leaders, and in fact, they continue to re-elect them year after year. It would seem that at least the business communities, who are suffering the most, would take major coordinated action to remove these mayors and council members, but they have not.

As chaos reigns in cities across the nation, I think of San Francisco, (“The City By The Bay”) that I had found to be a delightful place to visit, with Fishermen’s Wharf, cable cars (“that climb halfway to the stars’‘) golden gate bridge, etc. But now I would never visit San Francisco, nor recommend anyone else visit San Francisco. If one parks in the Fisherman’s Wharf area now, the chances of your vehicle being broken into are almost 80%. You will have to walk around excrement, needles, and homeless tents on the sidewalks. If you decide to walk around the city, your chance of being mugged & robbed is very high. Business are closing their stores (Walgreens) because of massive shoplifting (“organized retail crime”), luxury hotels are trashed by city paid homeless occupants, and crime in general is going through the roof.

The decline of most of the major cities across the nation under Democrat control is similar to San Francisco. At one time they were all pleasant law & order cities, but that is now a thing of the past. These cities seem to be heading for complete chaos with no apparent actions that will prevent it.


There could be a remote chance (God willing) that the citizens of these cities will finally wake up, rise up, and replace their feckless leaders ( by any means available), thus restoring law, order, and sanity in the governance of their city, but at this present time I see no indication that will happen.



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