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A Second Civil War Is Here

Democrats have condemned this decision, basically saying that burning, looting, and property destruction should not be interfered with by a private citizen.

Civil War

A Second Civil War Is Here

by Pete Ketcham

It is now evident that our nation is totally divided, (whether it is realized or not) and is in a cultural and political civil war, with major similarities to what took place in the nation’s 1860’s civil war.

In the first civil war our nation was fundamentally divided on two major issues, secession and slavery.

In 1861 one element of the US citizens believed in keeping the US as one undivided constitutional nation and eliminate slavery (Unionists). Another element of the US citizens believed in eliminating the constitutional nation, forming a confederacy of independent states, and continuing slavery (Confederates). Thus a bloody civil war resulted because of the inability of the parties to settle the issue of succession and slavery through negotiation and compromise.

Today we are also divided by two major issues, as follows:

  1. Continuing on as a constitutional nation, (Republicans) or abandoning the constitution and continuing on as a (convoluted) socialist type nation (Democrats).
  2. A belief in the God of the bible and it’s precepts of right and wrong in the governance of our nation, (Republicans), or a complete abandonment of any belief in God, and govern our nation by a total secular philosophy devoid of any moral guidance concerning right and wrong, (Democrats).

And so, once again we are faced with the heavy issue of the potential destruction of our constitutional nation. And as It was in1861, it appears now that there is no longer an avenue of negotiation and compromise between the two political parties to peaceably settle these present differences.

Even though we are now in a cultural/political civil war, (not a shooting civil war) for control of this nation, the Democrats are moving us towards a shooting war by their use of their domestic terrorist groups like BLM, Antifa, and others to create riots with burning, looting, intimidation, and general destruction. These rioters also openly attack and defy law enforcement, and are able to escape prosecution for their deeds by a corrupt Democrat controlled justice system.

One dangerous fact that could influence the possibility of a shooting civil war is that the population of this nation is probably more heavily armed now than at any other time in our nation’s history. This fact seems to be lost on the Democrats as they continue to support the provocative uncontrolled lawless chaos that is overtaking the major cities across this nation. The democrats also condemn any citizen action to stop the chaos, even though the police have demonstrated they are unable to do so.

A case in point is the Rittenhouse trial that has captured national attention. I thank God the jury was able to render a courageous and just decision, but the Democrats have condemned this decision, basically saying that burning (which is life threatening), looting, and property destruction should not be interfered with by a private citizen. In reality BLM, Antifa, and others have become the domestic terrorist arm of the Democrat party and are operating just as the Hitler “Brown Shirts” did when they burned and destroyed the property of the Jews just prior to WW2.


Due to the ineffectiveness of law enforcement to control the criminal riot activity across the nation, the law abiding citizens are left with no other option but to defend their property and life with deadly force. Thus the decision by the Democrats to use domestic terrorist action of violent uncontrolled mobs, could move us from a social/political civil war, to a violent shooting civil war.

It is fervently hoped by many conservatives, that a violent shooting civil war will not take place, but at this point it appears we are moving towards it, and only God can prevent it.


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10 Comments on A Second Civil War Is Here

    • Between spell check and auto-correct, everyone gets caught. 5. Andrew JacksonExamples of Old Hickory’s seemingly innumerable botched spelling attempts include “devilopment,” the continent of “Urope,” and performing before a “larg” audience. This ineptitude even went on to become a political punchline. His perennial political rival John Quincy Adams once denounced him as “a savage who can scarcely spell his own name.” Jackson’s retort? “It’s a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.” Here

    • This author is so ignorant of history I’m surprise he was published. The war of northern aggression was fought over a number of issues but the main ones were the Morrill Tariff Act and Lincoln sending invading troops to the South to collect the excessive taxes by force. Secession was and still is legal. The constitution and declaration as a compact don’t address a state leaving the compact and therefore there is no agreement preventing such. The states and the people are sovereign not their creation the federal central government. The U.S. government has been captured by outside entities and been controlled by them for a long time. “They” are represented in groups like the World Economic Forum, Council of Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, etc. They are the world’s most weathly and world leaders/dictators. I doubt there will be a shooting war but there is going to be an economic one and it’s already well underway. The pain is just beginning.

  1. The “proscriptions” during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire is another example; when one party would gain power they would inflict all sorts of retaliatory measures against the other. Haven’t seen the Republicans do that too much…though the Dem’s might say the policies of the Republicans “are” retaliatory…but their policies don’t seem to be specifically aimed at the Democrats.

  2. While I agree with the author’s characterization of the Democrats, I think he’s being too kind in his characterization of Republicans. Recent budget related votes in the House and Senate bear this out. There always seems to be enough Republican defectors to pass the Democrats’ agendas. It’s as though there is a conspiracy in the Republican party to pretend to be Constitutional, God-fearing conservatives to appease its constituents, but at the same time making sure their globalist donors’ leftist agendas, which are the same as the Democrats’, get passed. We need a real opposition party for Constitutionally conservative, God-fearing people.

  3. I do not believe in god, but I do believe in and support the Constitution. Even though I do not believe in god or biblical precepts , I would fight side by side with those who do, for their right to worship and believe as they see fit. So after reading the above article, I wonder where this leaves me and those like me who chose no faith? I am not a democrat but point number 2 in the article puts me in the camp with the democrats?! How can this be? Would you also fight side by side with me for my right to not believe? Morality in my opinion, does not come solely from the Bible. An unbeliever can love and cherish their children and family, same as a believer. An unbeliever can lift up the downtrodden, cloth the homeless, and genuinely care for his neighbor, same as a believer, yet reading this article I am supposed to believe that my actions are void, or bereft of any morality? This I do not accept or believe. I would agree with this article in it’s entirety if not for the parts that overlook my own morality and puts me in the camp with the treasonous democrats. I know I am not alone in my beliefs and I’m not the only unbeliever who believes in a Constitutional Republic, so where does that leave me and people like me? Is there really no room for us in your idea of America?

    • That is a good question…I am not super religious…in fact, my whole religion can be boiled down to one verse from the Beatitudes, “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need.” If you have that compass heading…just keep doing the best you can.

      That being said, Colonial America during the 1760-70’s had some fairly wild aspects to it:
      * Beaucoup people were themselves or descendants of Penal Indentures Servants sent to the Colonies.
      * Places of debauchery were prevelent, “The Holy Ground” in New York and “Mt. Whoredom” in Boston.
      * The shipping ports has sailors coming in after many many months at sea and they were wild men when on liberty. Not to mention savages from around the world who had become part of the ships crew.
      * The higher classes of society used Pewter with a high content of lead…which means heavy metal poisoning was wide spread…meaning a lot them were probable stone cold insane.
      * Thomas Paine in “The Crisis” specifically called out the Quakers and said, “Sit down and shut up…if you profess to believe in only God’s Kingdom…then keep to your word…and the leave the Revolution to those who are fighting it.”
      * The hardness it takes to own Slaves and “make” them work and behave.

      All in all, Christians themselves were probably hardcore then…but they would not be ignorant of what is going on in our society today…and they would rightfully abhor it. Likewise, it wasn’t only Severe Christians that fought and rebelled against the British. Look at the painting of George Washington being rowed across the Deleware to attack Trenton…there were all types of people in that boat in the painting.

    • Even the Founding Fathers had ‘reservations’ about the ‘divinity of Jesus.’. But they knew the Bible was the best moral code for Western Civilization. I don’t know, but to debate the divinity of Jesus must have been a bold thing back then. Perhaps they didn’t speak it openly. But safe to say, like Mr. Boyd says, there were all kinds of people along the Christian spectrum under George Washington’s leaders. See your lack of faith as just a point on the faith continuum. You may not be a believer today. But after some cataclysmic upheaval in your life (like the ones coming?) perhaps you may move further down the line. There is room in Washington’s boat for all who are open to believe.

  4. Burning it all down by any means necessary is the overriding goal of the Long March CPUSA/CCP or the crime syndicate masquerading as a political party known as the democrats.

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