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This Election Is All About Education

Parents are tired of being told they are not capable of making decisions for their families


This Election Is All About Education

by Shari Dovale

From national to local, all over the country the voters are awake and standing up for their children’s education. They know that this election is all about “Critical Race Theory” and teaching their children values they can be proud of. Their children are not victims and should not be raised on the government teat. This is a vital concept to parents.

And the Democrat-Socialists just do not get it.

It is not about party, because many Democrats and Independents are also screaming about what their children are learning in schools.

It is not about the color of their skin, because many black and brown parents are leading the charge against the racist teachings of CRT.

It is about doing what is best for their children. And the Democrat-Socialists have dropped that ball. They continue with their mantra of “Orange Man Bad” hoping no one will look deeper into the issues. Even after nine months of the Harris-Biden Regime, the Democrat-Socialists have no other platform.

In Virginia, Terry McAuliffe is trying to convince everyone that parents should not be allowed any input in their child’s education. McAuliffe has claimed that the education issue is just a “divisive tactic” generated by his opponent.

Voters in his state have stepped up to the plate on that challenge, with the polls tipping a dramatic 42 percent shift from McAuliffe to Youngkin in a month’s time, when McAuliffe was all but guaranteed a victory.

Bringing the election down to a local level, in North Idaho the Democrat-Socialist candidates are desperately trying to hide their party affiliation in the school board races.

Democratic-Backed Candidates Hiding Their Support From the Party

Parents are not unintelligent. They are tired of being told they are not capable of making decisions for their families. They are determined to take back their way of life, beginning with their children’s education.

The Democrat-Socialists were put on notice and they looked the other way. It will be an interesting election across the nation.

 West Bonner School District

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