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Sodom and Gomorrah Had Nothing on Public Schools

Sodom and Gomorrah were only the prequel for our public school system

Sodom and Gomorrah Had Nothing on Public Schools

Sodom and Gomorrah Had Nothing on Public Schools

by Shari Dovale

More controversy surrounds Public Education today, as we talk of the extra-curricular events happening across the country to our children.

Yes, we say they are happening to our children because these events are planned and supervised by the adult employees that are hired to look out for these impressionable youth. At all grade levels, this indecency is promoted by public – and sometimes elected – officials.

Let’s start with the Wilton Manors Elementary school children that were accompanied by school board member Sarah Leonardi on a field trip to a Gay bar in Broward County, Florida.

Leonardi wrote on Twitter that she was “so honored” to chaperone these very young children. We wonder if she bought them anything from the sexual-innuendo filled menu, like “Naked Sweaty Lovin” and “Rhoda Cowboy”.

The social media post showed photos of the children in this bar surrounded by dozens of bottles of booze. She apparently was trying to keep these children “Safe”, however, when she forced them all to wear masks at the bar, even though the employees of Rosie’s Bar were not doing the same.

Then we were hit with headlines showing a Kentucky high school holding a “Man Pageant” in which students allegedly gave teachers “Lap Dances” and wore “Hooters” shirts.

The twitter posts show teenage boys giving lap dances to staff which has prompted anger from parents, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

Principal of Hazard High School and Mayor of Hazard, Happy Mobelini, is familiar to the headlines and controversy with students, as he is being sued for not properly chaperoning a school trip during which one student allegedly raped another student.

The NY Post also tells us that Mobelini has twice been investigated for alcohol incidents involving students, according to the report. In one incident, photos surfaced of him driving kids around as they drank and smoked.

They would like you to believe that “nothing like this has happened at Hazard before” however just this evening a video, posted by journalist Nate Bryan, showed the Hazard 2020 Homecoming events which included a male student wearing a dress as he performs Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” and at one point dances up close and personal with Happy Mobelini.

At least you can see how happy Mobelini is since his face is never covered in a mask, even though these events took place during the height of the plandemic events that shut down most in-person learning.

Let’s run from this deviant behavior towards another where a high school in Vermont made headlines earlier this month when it turned their homecoming half-time show into a Drag Show.

A teacher at the school came up with this idea and it was supported by the school’s Principal.

Having teachers and students dress like drag queens certainly qualifies as sexualizing the children in my book.

Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) was already objectionable, even before a former Milwaukee Children’s Court Judge and former president of an LGBTQ organization that sponsored DQSH events was arrested on child pornography charges.

This shows the depths of depravity that these public officials are striving for when it comes to our children. Sodom and Gomorrah were only the prequel for our public school system, it would seem. It is time to shut down the Department of Education and switch completely to Homeschooling.



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