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Rep. Gaetz Blasts Generals and SecDef after Contentious Testimony

Taliban offered Full Control of Kabul to Gen. McKenzie, he turned it down!

Rep. Gaetz Blasts Generals and SecDef after Contentious Testimony


Rep. Gaetz Blasts Generals and SecDef after Contentious Testimony

By Mike Huckabee

Congressional testimony continued from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mike Milley and CENTCOM head Gen. Frank McKenzie. Not as many revelations came out as on the first day of testimony, with much of the time being spent on Republicans blasting the men over the catastrophic handling of the Afghanistan pullout and Democrats trying to blame it on Trump. Here’s a pretty good recap of the main takeaways from the two days of testimony.

Six takeaways from military brass’s Capitol Hill showdown

As far as Wednesday’s highlights go, the biggest was probably Gen. McKenzie’s confirmation that the Taliban did, as previously reported, offer to let the US military have full control of Kabul until US evacuation efforts were complete, but McKenzie said that wasn’t what he’d been instructed to do and he thought they didn’t have the resources, so he turned the offer down. Let me repeat that: HE TURNED THE OFFER DOWN!!! Didn’t run it by anybody back in Washington, just said, “No, thanks.”

Gen. McKenzie Admits Taliban Offered US Control of Kabul During Withdrawal – But He Didn’t Accept

And as far as memorable quotes from Wednesday, I’d say this comment from Rep. Matt Gaetz to Gen. Milley deserves the prize:

Matt Gaetz Reduces Gen. Milley to Rubble Over Afghanistan and Takes Biden Down in the Process

“You seem to be very happy failing up over there, but if we didn’t have a President that was so addled, you all would be fired. Because that is what you deserve. You have let down the people who wear the uniform in my district and all around this country, and you’re far more interested in what your perception is and how people think about you in insider Washington books than you care about winning, which this group seems incapable of doing,”

That might sum up the entire two days better than any lengthy news article could.



Mike Huckabee was the 44th governor of Arkansas and a 2016 Republican candidate for president.

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