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Peters Will Bring Accountability to LPOSD Board

Election scheduled for November 2nd

Peters Will Bring Accountability to LPOSD Board

Peters Will Bring Accountability to LPOSD Board

After the permanent school levy was “won” via an illegal ballot, a few concerned citizens and I formed Idaho Tax Watch to help support a legal challenge to the “win.” We sat in a courtroom watching as the school board incumbent fought to keep it, sending a message to students that cheating is ok as long as you don’t get caught; and if you do get caught, fight to keep what you illegally obtained.

Fast forward to a recent forum where he claimed he doesn’t support relying on property taxes, even though he fought to keep the permanent levy in place, extinguishing the voices of future taxpayers who’ll have no say in their own taxation. Couple this with his misleading statements on per-student funding, and what I see is disqualifying dishonesty.

It’s time for change on the LPOSD board, all of whom fought alongside the incumbent against the taxpayers whose only desire was an honest election.

Jalon Peters will bring that change. He’s a hardworking, honest father of three who wants to do right by Bonner County taxpayers. But more than that, he wants to give students choices by expanding vocational training for those who wish to learn trades, funded not by further taxation, but by trimming the budget fat. He’ll also work toward transparency, embrace parents as active participants in their child’s education, and bring fiscal responsibility.

For these reasons and more, I ask that you give Jalon Peters your vote on November 2nd.

Jodi Giddings



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