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No Dr. Fauci, We Will NOT Cancel Christmas!

He is trying to take away our rights and browbeat us into canceling Christmas AGAIN!

No Dr. Fauci, We Will NOT Cancel Christmas!

No Dr. Fauci, We Will NOT Cancel Christmas!

By Mike Huckabee

No, Americans are not going to cancel their family Christmas celebrations again.

The Never-Ending Pandemic: Dr. Fauci Plays Scrooge While Biden Resorts to Begging

And no, I do not accept that “There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.”

Fauci Makes Outrageous Statement About Individual Rights, Accidentally Reveals Two Big Problems With Biden Claims

Instead of trying to take away our rights and browbeat us into canceling Christmas again, maybe he could devote a little time to finally “having that discussion” he said we might need to have sometime about natural immunity, a topic the government is studiously ignoring. The growing pile of evidence would indicate the time is ripe, and here’s the latest:

In a premium story, the Epoch Times reports that the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare studied 1,292 subjects and found that a full year after infection, 89% of those with prior COVID infections still carried virus-neutralizing antibodies and 36% still had a type of antibody called nucleoprotein IgG. Antibody levels were 2 to 7 times higher in those who’d had severe infections than those who had mild cases.

Antibodies Persist for More Than a Year After COVID-19 Infection, Study Finds

While these subjects had long-lasting antibodies against the original strain of COVID, the reduction in neutralization efficiency was “considerably declined” for the Beta variant and “only slightly reduced” against the Alpha variant. But 80% still had immune protection against the Delta variant, which is the dominant strain in the United States.

Of course, antibody levels are only part of the story, since they naturally decline over time. The question is, does the immune system in someone with natural immunity recognize new variants and create more antibodies to stop them? Seems like something the CDC should at least be looking into. But instead, they’re pushing more booster shots and talking about canceling Christmas. Meanwhile, the Epoch Times reports that it could find no exemptions for natural immunity in any vaccine mandates on the state, federal or college levels.

Science requires that thinking change when new data arises to justify it. If you’re going to ignore that basic precept, then at least stop claiming you’re “following the science.”




Mike Huckabee was the 44th governor of Arkansas and a 2016 Republican candidate for president.

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