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A Dystopian Future for Australia

Melbourne police can now enter people’s homes without a warrant to conduct “spot checks” to ensure compliance with lockdown rules

Police detain an anti-lockdown protester in the Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick. Picture: William West/AFP

A Dystopian Future for Australia

By Daniel Bobinski

If you’ve heard anything about what’s happening in Australia, you know that its citizens are experiencing a dystopian nightmare. For example, residents in the east coast state of New South Wales are fined US $3,700 “on the spot” if they violate stay-at-home orders or lie to contact tracing officials. This is considered by most Australians as rather draconian, given that the country has experienced only 1,357 Covid-related deaths (as of Oct 5, 2021) since this whole thing started.

If you live in the greater Sydney area, draconian travel restrictions apply. For example, you are allowed to shop for food only within 3.1 miles (5km) of where you live. The same distance restriction goes for exercising during the state-declared hours one is allowed outdoors, and you may exercise with only one other person for a maximum of one hour. When shopping is needed, only one person from your household is allowed to leave home to get food per day. Browsing in shops is not allowed, and if no stores exist within 3.1 miles of your home, you must acquire your needed items from a designated local government area near where you live.

If you decide to move out of the Sydney area, you must register with the state that you are doing so. If you travel outside of the greater Sydney area for work, or travel to take care of animals elsewhere, only one person from your house can go, and you must register with the state that you will be making that trip.

If your workplace has been deemed essential and you cannot work from home, you are required to wear a facemask the entire time you are outside of your home. If your workplace is more than 31 miles from your house, you must register with the state before you can travel to and from work.

All of this when there’s only 1,357 Covid-related deaths in the entire country since March of 2020?

The draconian measures do not stop there. Police in Melbourne can now enter people’s homes without a warrant to conduct “spot checks” to ensure compliance with lockdown rules.

Children being taken from their parents to receive forced jabs

Seen on a video sent to True Idaho News is a child being forcibly removed from a parent’s arms and three police officers throwing the parent to the ground as medical personnel push the child down a hall to receive his or her injection.

Life Site News reported that parents in New South Wales were told to stay outside a stadium while 24,000 Australian teenagers were ushered into the arena by police officers and nurses. A mass-vaccination took place, despite the FDA reporting an increased likelihood of teenagers acquiring myocarditis after getting the jab.

Fox News is reporting that Australia if fining families US$42 per month ($21 every two weeks) for each child that is not “vaccinated.”

Also as reported by Life Site News, “Australia has made headlines for its uniquely strict COVID-19 protocols since last year, with harsh curfews, bans on travel except for “essential” shopping, and severe treatment of anti-lockdown protesters by Australian law enforcement. Last month, NSW’s chief health officer told Australians that to prevent the spread of COVID-19 they should avoid talking to their neighbor even in passing.”

The news site also reports that “More than 500 Australian military personnel have been sent out domestically to ensure compliance with the dictates of Australian health department officials.”

Police entering homes without a warrant? Military personnel enforcing lockdown compliance? Killing the culture of an entire country for an infection that has a 99.7% recovery rate? Australia’s fearmongering knows no bounds, and neither does the long arm of the ever-growing police state on the planet’s only nation continent.

Americans should sit up and take notice of what’s happening in the land down under. People may think it could never happen here, but 18 months ago, the Australians thought the same thing.


Republished with permission by True Idaho News

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  1. Bizarre. On one hand there are signs of Australia making significant strides to mitigate China’s influence in the country and the region.

    And then on the other hand you have this being enforced on a modern free people.


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