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World’s First Global Human Registry

The virus and vaccines was just a designed excuse to get all humans into a world registry system

World’s First Global Human Registry

by Karen Schumacher

One has to love the World Economic Forum (WEF).  Like criminals on the street the WEF has managed like a magnet to bring together all those humans who have issues with weak egos that drive them towards controlling others, a need to dominate, and no inner moral compass that helps them recognize the difference between right and wrong.  It fits the classical definition of a gang, or even better rather than a traditional Italian mafia it is multicultural, each having its own Don with corporate structures rather than family.

With Event 201 prior to the Covid-19 “pandemic”, these corporate thugs, technocrats, and government goons sprung their well laid plan out, putting the world into a frozen mode of fear, compliance, and sensitization to acquiescing under psychological and physical threat.  The same as the Jews and others were marched under the guise “Arbeit Macht Frei” (work makes one free), so the world is being marched instead to Fur Ihre Sicherheit (for your safety or security).

Like a child with evidence of cookie crumbs on their face denying up and down they ate anything, these bad actors attempt to look like innocent players in the scheme of things while evidence of their crimes can be tracked..  “What is a ‘vaccine passport‘ and will you need one the next time you travel?” was written May 5, 2021 as if they themselves were innocent of any involvement.  The truth is these mobsters have known all along the goal with the virus and vaccines was just a designed excuse to get all humans into a world registry system, only by computer and not by a tattoo on one’s arm.

Naturally, the China run World Health Organization (WHO) is behind much of this with the caveat of concern that proof of vaccination shouldn’t be required given the unknown effectiveness of the vaccines.  Nah, this is just a psychological ploy for compassion towards the abuser, it cares about humans.  But then it is revealed, the WEF has been working on this passport crap for an undefined number of months with the Common Trust Network, as if this absolves it of any responsibility because of this association.  Kinda like there is no association with the mob even though the dentist takes care of the Don’s teeth, or Schultz, “I know nothing!”

However, the WEF does also admit to working with “The Commons Project” to develop the “Common Trust Framework“, a set of registries of data sources.

The Common Trust Network (CTN) justifies it’s data collection on needing a seamless system for data given there are so many countries with so many different languages and forms.  The traditional “trust us” language is cited to ensure our safety in turning over our health information.  This network is enabled by a global registry of trusted laboratory and vaccination data sources, vaccination records, and a “global registry of governments.”  Our reward for compliance is a certificate of approval by our own government.

Like the crook who isn’t able to see the hole in his well thought out plan, the WEF and CTN on one hand claims the datasets don’t reveal any personal health data, then turn around and say the “tool”, called the CommonPass, notifies security if the individual is being compliant.  Now how does that happen if health data isn’t revealed?  Keystone cops comes to mind here, or maybe Barney Fife.  WHO and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are working on vaccine standards and credentialing requirements, channeling that information into healthcare system registries and into border control, but possibly also for future use at stadiums and other large events.  It’s great to know China will have all that health data on Americans and authority to override our Constitution.  Jet Blue and United Airlines are just two corporations joining this Network, along with the United States.

Keep in mind, with the launch of the Great Reset through the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Time to Transform agenda, all vaccine related agendas are already in the works.  In its Health & Wellbeing pathway, several vaccine benchmarks have been met.  The Commonpass is designed for the “global systems of epidemiological surveillance and response.”  As emphasis has been placed on the repercussions of Covid on mental health the media has bombarded the airwaves with educational messages on mental wellbeing while social media platforms censor “uncontrolled dissemination of health-related misinformation.”  While Warp Speed seemed to defy all odds of a response to Covid, it was actually pre-planned by the Time to Transform, “…building  systems for rapid development, approval and  delivery of safe and effective vaccines and  treatments to tackle fast-moving pathogens.”

Most likely, soon to come, will be businesses collaborating “with governments to enhance the capacity of national health systems and international networks”.  Not long after that investments will be made into “systems that build international health systems’ resilience to respond to pandemics and other health risks.”  After all, we are a one world cesspool of Covid, why not include all health information.  Oops, the federal government is already “investing” your tax dollar into global vaccinations.  Wonder what the taxpayer return will be on that investment.

Vaccine passports will be a part of every American life, guaranteed, unless we choose to join the rebellions that are occurring across the world.  These digital documents are not for validating vaccine status, they are to begin the path for digital tracking of everything.  Not up to this point has the WEF provided the opportunity to understand just exactly how they intended to execute its lofty Great Reset goals and how these corporate global organizations would execute the plans for controlling us. 

Up to this point everything has been on the vague side, but now, clarity is given on how it is being done, enough that it can be seen happening around us. This is stunning.  Its Connectivity pathway is just another piece of junk which the WBCSD says can be trusted to make “human centric decisions.”  These thugs, all of them, are warts on the face of humanity and without morals, conscience, integrity, or character. It is time to exercise our free will and do the right thing.

Proverbs 16:9  A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

Isaiah 6:8  Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”



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