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Wisdom, Logic and Sitting in the Dark


Wisdom, Logic and Sitting in the Dark

by Pete Ketcham

In Proverbs it describes wisdom as: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction” (NIV)

Today in this nation, that statement from the bible is being proven true by the actions of the liberal godless left and the Democrat party. Their agenda, domestic & national is completely devoid of common sense and logic, and is bringing on chaos throughout the nation.

There are dozens of examples of this lack of wisdom, logic, and common sense by the liberal godless left and the Democrat party that could be listed, but one in my opinion stands out from the rest. This issue will negatively impact every citizen and business, from the west coast to the east coast if it is not brought to a halt.

This issue is the movement to shut down coal & natural gas fired power plants (which they are already doing), and destroy power generating dams (which they are working hard on to do). This movement is motivated by the fraudulent Climate Change issue, and the idiotic belief that the electric energy presently being produced by these power plants and dams can all be replaced by windmills & solar farms. The present combined intermittent power produced by these two sources is approximately 5% of our total national electric power production. It is possible that this percentage of intermittent power could be increased in the future as new solar farms and windmills are constructed, but going from 5% to 100% is far into the future (if even possible), as this type of power is intermittent. No wind, no sun, no power, and massive battery storage capacity is totally unfeasible for many reasons, (to numerous to list in this article)


It does not take an electrical engineer or a scientist to understand, you do not destroy your present source of energy until you have a proven source to replace it with, but these liberal morons have no idea what they are doing in their quest to eliminate all petroleum based power production, including hydro dams.

At this point it would seem that nothing less than cooking in the summer, freezing in the winter, and sitting in the dark will convince these liberal fools they are on the wrong track.

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