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WATCH: Sage Dixon Holds Townhall Regarding Ethics Hearings

Concerning the recent actions that his ethics committee took against elected officials

WATCH: Sage Dixon Holds Townhall Regarding Ethics Hearings



This was recorded at a townhall in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, hosted by Rep. Sage Dixon on the recent actions that his ethics committee took against elected officials. The townhall took place on August 28, 2021.  Dixon is the Chairman for the House Ethics Committee.

Dixon held the townhall to attempt to sway public opinion towards him for clearly biased behavior during the two recent ethics hearings. It was very obvious from the way the meeting began that they expected the conversations and questions to get heated against Rep. Dixon.

Dixon began his townhall by addressing a news article and attempting to completely debunk it, of which he admittedly could not accomplish. However, he did make snide comments about the journalist that wrote the article, comments that were absolutely beneath a person in his position.

The article that Dixon took issue with is:  Exposing Idaho’s Unethical Ethics Committee, written by Daniel Bobinski and published by True Idaho News.


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