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Voters Demand Honest Elections 

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,”  ~ Joe Biden

Voters Demand Honest Elections General Election

Voters Demand Honest Elections

By Terry Noonkester

Voters  across the country are emailing, writing and phoning the public officials that had anything to do with the security of the 2020 election or the drafting and passage of election laws.  The voters are explaining their concerns and demanding (1) full forensic audits, (2) canvassing and cleansing of the voter rolls, (3) elimination of mail-in voting with a return to in-person voting, (4) elimination of voting machines, (5) observers rights (aka poll watchers).

Organizations such as the America First Audit, America’s Audit Force and are supporting the forensic audits and canvassing.  Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium along with his channel, and Steve Bannon’s War Room show are giving people access to current information on the grassroots war against election fraud.  David Clements at “The Professor’s Record” and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, expert witness, are adding other layers of information on Telegram.  Rallies and events are being organized at  Analysis of election data from Dr. Frank, Seth Keshel, Draza Smith and Dr. Shiva agree that widespread election irregularities have affected not only the presidential election, but also down-ballot federal, state and county races. 

(1)  The full forensic audits must include a complete examination of the voting process used in the 2020 election.  It would include (a) matching the numbers of ballots sent out to the number returned, (b) a re-examination of signature verifications, (c) checking for fold creases on ballots mailed, (d) paper characteristics of suspected counterfeit ballots, (e) re-examination of the intent of the voter during the adjudication of damaged, under voted or over voted ballots, (f) checking for duplicate votes, (g) examination of voting machines and (h) any other suspicious activities.  Forensic audits must use technology and science to evaluate all aspects of the voting process.

(2) Canvassing can prove fraud and may be the magic bullet needed to break the resistance against full forensic audits.  Canvassing is when people go door to door to verify who voted on a household level.  Canvassers do NOT ask who the voters voted for.  Canvassers verify ballots were sent to correct addresses and find many other inconsistencies. Sometimes people receive duplicate ballots, sometimes residential addresses are located in empty lots or commercial buildings.   At other times the household reports the voter has died or moved.   The canvassers then make out affidavits to use as evidence of the mistake or fraud and start the process to get the invalid names off the rolls.  This purging of our voter registration rolls makes it much harder for bad actors to introduce fraudulent ballots from ‘phantom voters’ into the system.

Voter registration should only be conducted at the county clerks office.  The voter rolls are corrupted with duplicate registrations and the ‘pending’ status when multiple registration locations such as the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Human Services are used.   These registrations often lack proof of citizenship and/or the minimum age requirements.  An audit should verify that these pending status registrations are not used to issue ballots.

Liz Harris, a Republican grassroots canvassing organizer spoke to host Steve Bannon on the ‘War Room’ show on September 8th.  She was disclosing voting discrepancies in Maricopa County, which were discovered through canvasing:

“An estimated 173,104 votes are missing or lost, as reported to our volunteers who went door to door verifying registration and voting information for thousands of residents. These are American citizens living in Maricopa County who cast a vote, primarily by mail, in the election and yet there is no record of their vote with the county and it was not counted in the reported vote totals for the election.” In other words, the Maricopa County canvassing uncovered that about 34% of the votes cast were NOT recorded on the county rolls.

(3) Mail-in ballots are not secure and provide many ways for bad actors to put fraudulent ballots into the system and take legal ballots out of the system.  In contrast, when voting is conducted in person, a ballot never leaves the custody of election officials who can then be held accountable for any security failures.  Mail-in ballots have no chain of custody from the time the ballots are mailed by the county clerks office until they are returned to the office.  In the 2020 election, mailed ballots were found in ditches and dumpsters, delivered to wrong addresses, and beyond possibility, they were returned before they were sent.  No one is currently held accountable.  There needs to be a return to in-person voting where there is never a break in custody.

Absentee ballots are very different than mail-in ballots because they have to be requested, addresses are verified, and are used only when the voter would not have access to in-person voting.  History shows that these absentee ballots also have a greater fraud risk than in-person ballots, but may still be necessary to a limited extent. 

Signature verification has surfaced as another problem that results from the mail-in ballot system of voting.  In the mail-in system, it is concluded that matching the signature from the envelope to the signature on the voters registration card in the election office’s data base is equivalent to checking the voters I.D.  In some precincts lax comparison standards all but waived the requirement of a signature match.

(4) All use of voting machines must be abandoned.  Hacking of the machines is a relatively simple process that county clerks have no way of detecting.  During Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections 

Inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer established a two-way communication from a polling pad in a voting center.

“At this very moment at a polling location in the county, not only do we have access through the devices to the poll pad, the system, but WE ARE IN,” Pulitzer said.  He continued: “And it’s not supposed to have WiFi and that’s not supposed to be able to happen so we’ve documented now it’s communicating two ways in real time, meaning it’s receiving data and sending data — should never happen, shouldn’t be WiFi, we’ve now documented it in real time.”

Use of the machines can also account for miscounted or flipped votes.  Even the zip drives used to transfer election results can be corrupted.  We need a return to hand counting ballots.

(5) Observation of the vote counting, and of the adjudication of problem ballots, needs to be witnessed by at least two political parties.  After what our nation has witnessed in the 2020 election, observers will be much more knowledgeable and ready to defend their rights to be close enough to actually see how the votes are counted.  Those wishing to be involved can get on a list through their political party.  Harassment of observers must be stopped. The poll workers will also be more aware of potential problems.  The county they work for as temporary employees has an obligation to hire equally between the two main parties.

Witnesses and whistle blowers of the 2020 election were not protected from harassment and reprisal.  Some of the witnesses that testified at swing states legislative body hearings were doxed and harassed to the point of losing jobs and being forced to move.  The whistle blower Steve Trout, the Director of Elections for the state of Oregon, was fired while the vote counting was still in progress.  He had complained that the Windows 2008 server being used to run the election was totally unsupported and unpatched and therefor not secure.

Corruption and incompetence found in our election system is imbedded in both parties.  A Rasmussen public opinion poll finds that nationwide 55% of voters support a full forensic audit of the 2020 election. Yet only a small fraction of our elected officials support the forensic audits, a larger share are stonewalling the effort.  The defense of our right for honest and fair elections has been denied at every level of government.  It is now up to the ordinary citizens to find and eliminate the fraud and corruption.  No governmental body can deny our right to organize and conduct canvasses of the 2020 election.

Joe Biden,  October 2020;  “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,”  


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