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Todd Engel Sues Govt Agencies and Individual Agents

We might finally see Daniel Love sitting in the witness stand, being required to answer for all of his actions

Todd Engel Sues Govt Agencies and Individual Agents

Todd Engel Sues Govt Agencies and Individual Agents

by Shari Dovale

Todd Engel has filed the multi-million dollar lawsuit that we have all been expecting. Naming multiple departments and individuals, including AUSA Steven Myhre, AUSA Nadia Ahmed, AUSA Daniel Bogden, BLM Officer Rand Stover, DOJ Special Agent Daniel P. Love, and many more, Engel is demanding a jury trial and $100 million.

Engel was wrongfully convicted during the media circus of the Bundy prosecution, also referred to as The Bunkerville Protest Trials, and spent over four and a half years in prison. He was released after the Ninth circuit court of appeals vacated his conviction and the prosecution decided they could not retry the case.

The original trial judge, Gloria Navarro, signed off on the dismissal of charges, and Engel became a regular citizen again. He was to have all of his rights returned, yet that has not happened.

Within the lawsuit, Engel spells out that the Government Defendants have placed him on secret lists which disqualifies and precludes him from purchasing firearms. Although all felonies have been wiped off his record the feds have still not allowed him to purchase firearms, a right guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Engel is also currently required to be subjected to mandatory screening before being allowed to fly commercially.

Among other points, the lawsuit states:

…the GOVERNMENT DEFENDANTS, in their individual capacity, fabricated evidence, suborned and provided perjurious testimony, obtained false indictments, unlawfully arrested, falsely imprisoned and held Plaintiff in-custody for fifty-four (54) months and maliciously prosecuted him without probable cause or due process of law

We are all hoping for a jury trial, in which more evidence will be made public, including, but not limited to, a whistleblower memorandum authored by BLM Special Agent Larry Wooten.

Additionally, we might finally see Daniel Love sitting in the witness stand, being required to answer for all of his actions.

This is a developing story, so look for our updates.



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