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The Mideast Cofferdams


The Mideast Cofferdams

by Pete Ketcham

Cofferdams are used to create a work space (for construction of bridge footings etc) in flowing rivers, lakes, and bays. It is a temporary structure designed to hold out the water for a limited construction period and to be removed after the footing and adjoining structure is complete.

A cofferdam in a deep swift flowing river needs to be constantly pumped out, diverts only a portion of the river as it flows around it, and if not maintained, will eventually be swept away by the river as if it was never there.

The Present Situation
The preceding paragraphs describes an analogy of the United States experience in the Mideast. Our occupations in the Mideast are in reality temporary cofferdams within the deep swift flowing river of Mideast Islam.

The major difference between these “Mideast cofferdams” and actual cofferdams is that no permanent structures are ever built, and the moment these “Mideast cofferdams” are no longer maintained, the deep swift flowing river of Mideast Islam sweeps them away as if they never existed.

The US on many occasions thought they were doing the “right thing” by occupying certain Mideast countries (for the sake of that country’s citizens). But looking at the overall picture, the reality is, it has been proven impossible to come into a region that has been fighting primitive tribal wars for thousands of years, and implant a lasting democratic type government.

And now as we look at the tragic and out of control situation in Afghanistan, brought on by the ineptitude and pure ignorance of Biden, his cabal, and military advisors, we as a nation are caught up in the dilemma of “what is the right thing to do”?

At this point, (as bad as it seems) would the right thing to do, be the take-back of the Bagram Air Base, and obliterate the Taliban with an overwhelming force? This course of action would put us right back into another Mideast war, the very thing we are trying to extricate ourselves from.

Do we walk off and let thousands of Afghans be subjected to the barbaric murder and enslavement (especially the women and girls) of the barbaric Taliban? That is what Biden and his cabal have decided to do, in addition to destroying our reputation in the Mideast, and weaponizing our enemy.


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1 Comment on The Mideast Cofferdams

  1. Why are we not following the US Constitution, you know, our written constitutional government that people are put into place to implement, follow, support, preserve (US Presidents), and defend?

    US Constitution, Article 1 The Congress shall have power
    To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water;
    To raise and support armies, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years;
    To provide and maintain a navy;

    Every time we allow those who serve within our governments to deviate from that document we destroy our own government from within. We impoverish the American people, and we allow and assist domestic enemies of our constitutional republic.

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