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Our Uncertain Future

In this last sixty years our education system has jettisoned the national reverence for God

future The Meaning of the Cross and Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Our Uncertain Future

by Pete Ketcham

Many God-fearing conservatives are concerned, worried, and frustrated as they see the present lawlessness within our nation.

When I use the term lawlessness, I am not only referring to the crime and chaos in our streets, but also to the actions and policies (for the last twenty five years) of the Democrat Presidents, members of congress, and Governors.

The question many God-fearing conservatives are asking is, how did we get to this point of crises in our nation, and who is responsible. The unpopular answer to this question is that the conservatives themselves are responsible because of their negligence (for the last sixty years) of actively overseeing and supervising the national education system.

In this last sixty years our education system has jettisoned the national reverence for God, and the moral precepts of Christianity as the guidelines for social behavior. And now this system is presently indoctrinating our children with perverse sexual and CRT curriculums to an extent never seen before.

Thus the turmoil we are experiencing today, is a direct result of the godless liberal indoctrination by our public schools and universities over the years, and the neglect of the conservatives to oversee the curriculum.


If our nation is to survive as a moral constitutional nation (as it was originally designed), It is absolutely necessary that the God-fearing conservatives somehow someway gain control of the national education system. If not, the liberal morons that are currently in control of our nation will seem almost brilliant compared to what is coming up through the present indoctrination system.

Lastly, there are those who see no benefit to review the past, and feel that what counts is the present, and how to deal with it. That is true to some extent, but to not understand the past, the future may well be a continuation of past failures

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