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Not Socialism, But Chaos

There has been tremendous concern over the prospect of the US being turned into a Socialist nation


Not Socialism, But Chaos

by Pete Ketcham

There has been tremendous concern over the prospect of the US being turned into a Socialist nation. That concern is based on the socialist policies that emerge from Democrat controlled states, congress, and federal bureaucracies. Even though that concern is justified, it is not what is actually happening. In reality we are not moving toward an alternative form of a socialist government, but nationwide chaos.

Many believe California is the socialist forerunner of change. It has been frequently quoted “what you see happening in California, you will see throughout the nation”, and that has proven to be pretty much the case. So lets look at some of the chaos that is currently taking place in California.

1. A thief can “legally” steal up to $950 worth of merchandise and not be prosecuted nor imprisoned. Technically ten people could enter a store, each could steal $950 worth of goods, and then come back the next day and do the same thing. Wallgreens and other companies are closing stores in San Francisco because the crime resulting from the lack of prosecution by the liberal Democrat Socialist DA, Chesa Boudin. (This same rise in uncontrolled crime is occurring in all the major cities in California).

2. Murder has risen to unprecedented heights in California, but San Francisco has come up with the solution to this problem, they will pay potential murderers $300 a month not to shoot someone.

3. The violence and thievery by the growing homeless population throughout California is out of control. Entire areas are being transformed into violent homeless camps, such as the Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles.

4. Another result of this “socialist movement”, not only in California, but across the nation, is the riots and violence by groups like BLM and Antifa. Adding to that, the defund the police movement has severely impeded law and order in the major cities across the nation.

I could go on and on with many other examples, but the point is to show that, although California is being touted as moving toward socialism, in reality it is moving towards a complete breakdown in law & order and uncontrolled chaos.

Even though we see example after example of socialist policy coming out of the Democrat controlled government, these policies invariable achieve the opposite result anticipated, and end up creating more chaos.

Basically, the Democrats are incapable of creating a socialist government, they are only capable of destroying the remaining constitutional government that we have in place with their totally illogical policies.


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1 Comment on Not Socialism, But Chaos

  1. Los Osos Ca….We hope to send shock waves across the country- and soon…We’re counting down to recall Governor Gruesome..But Mr Ketcham sees it..The collapse of our civil society has been engineered…The Dems WANT poverty, fear, and chaos to reign..You have to demolish a structure before building one in it’s place..The structure – our life, liberty and happiness in a free society – is under remorseless attack by people who want to replace it with their communist utopia..Indeed now’s the time to league up

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