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National Conservative Coalition

A negative example of this type of coalition is the Marxist “Black Lives Matter” movement


National Conservative Coalition

by Pete Ketcham

The following is a paragraph taken from an article I wrote almost two years ago, November 2018

“We conservatives, for the most part, have been fighting a defensive battle, reacting to the offensive actions of the left for many years, and perhaps that is the root problem. It would seem our basic goal should be to develop a strategy to “TAKE BACK LOST GROUND” in all the arenas we lost it in. The first and foremost arena is the national education system, then the news media, and lastly the entertainment industry. As we all know, these three entities drive the culture, which in turn drives the politics, all of which determine the moral and political course of our nation.”

Since I wrote that article it has become apparent that not only have we (God-fearing conservatives) failed to “Take Back Lost Ground”, but have lost a tremendous amount of additional ground due to the criminal activities of the Democrat Party.

One major reason for this additional loss we see today, is that the conservatives and the Republican Party simply continue to operate as they did in the past, which unfortunately is not adequate to deal with the tremendous increase in criminal activity of the Democrat Party.

Logic indicates that it will be necessary for the conservatives to operate in a much larger arena than just the Republican Party if they are to hold, or possibly take back lost ground. We need to come together in a nation wide conservative coalition that does not necessarily exclude the Republican Party, but goes far beyond it in dynamic political action.

This proposed coalition could be similar to the past “TeaParty” but must be far more disciplined and organized into a National Headquarters with State Chapters. The ultimate goal of this coalition would be to bring significant conservative/Christian influence and pressure on federal and state governments, including political parties.

A negative example of this type of coalition is the Marxist “Black Lives Matter” movement that has been successful in gaining tremendous influence in the (criminal) Democrat Party, the education system, and the national culture in general.


In any case, whatever the conservatives do, they must move beyond their dependence on just the Republican Party to accomplish their goals. It has been shown that the Republican Party as it is structured today does not have the ability to counter the disastrous policies sweeping down on us by the Criminal Democrat Party (CDP)


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