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Wrap Yourselves in the Armor of God and Never Give Up

Pray for strength to get through this moment in history as tyranny raises its ugly head

Armor of God

Wrap yourselves in the Armor of God and Never Give Up

by Chris Brumbles

On March 23rd, 1775…246 years ago, a plea was made by Patrick Henry to our progenitors in St Johns Church in Richmond, Virginia to not allow false optimism and reconciliation with Britain to blind them from the truth. He urged them to face the harsh reality of the encroaching tyranny.

(Are you picking up what I’m laying down so far? Pause.)

Henry reminded everyone that War was not only inevitable, in fact they were already at war as he called for an appeal to arms, and the God of hosts as the only resolution. He then asked a question…, “is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery.”

We are Americans, and Americans have a tradition that separates us from all other nation. As George Washington declared, we would rather die on our feet than to live on our knees. Tyranny is Tyranny, whether it is committed in the 18th century, or the 21st, the taste is just as bitter, and the sorrow forever.

Once again, we find ourselves in a war. We didn’t ask for this war, but it has been thrust upon us just the same. It is not a virus that is attacking us, but a cancer. This cancer hosts on lies and deception and wants to take everything we have ever had, and everything our children ever will have. This war of Good against Evil is perpetuated by the left’s new best friend: Cultural Marxism.

I’m here to tell you that we can beat this cancer. It can only win if we let them. Truth and courage beats this cancer because truth beats lies, and no cancer outlives its host. If you have the courage to ignore the insults and labels spewed from their ignorant lips, they have absolutely no power over you. Truth and courage always beats the left.

Are we going to allow the history of this great country to be erased and replaced? Will we allow the blood of those who fought to free us from tyranny; the memory of those who gave all that we may live their dream of Liberty to be forgotten and dismissed. Are we going to be the generation that fails in our duty to pass Liberty to our posterity as it was passed to us? I say a resounding “Hell No!”  As with Patrick Henry, I have no lamp by which to guide my feet, but the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.

My eyes have seen, and my ears have heard. I have studied history, and I have seen enough to know what the future brings. If we continue on this journey that is really only history repeating itself through Hitler’s eyes, the future brings nothing but sorrow, bitterness, and slavery.

We need to Invoke God into our lives and our country because God will supply the hope that is required for the tenacity it will take to fulfill our obligations to our Forebears, ourselves, our posterity, and quite frankly to the world which will have no hope without us. This is Gods will.

We owe no allegiance to elected employees that shirk their duties of protecting our Rights. We owe our allegiance to God, The Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Limitations on Government, otherwise known as the Bill of Rights.

Pray for strength to get through this moment in history as tyranny raises its ugly head. Believe in G O D, not G O V.  Know what your Rights are and refuse to relinquish even one of them. We were born of rebellion and may need to remind these usurpers that WE DO NOT ELECT KINGS. Hold your elected employees accountable for their illegal sins and be jealous with your Natural Born Rights that come from God and Nature, that No One has the Right to take away.

Rights come from Property, the most precious being your body. We have a limited government that cannot force you to put something in it. That is the sort of things reserved for slaves. If they can do that, then they have illegally decided that they don’t have limits.

Victory belongs to those who believe in it the most and believe in it the longest. Wrap yourselves in the Armor of God, prepare for the worst and Hope for the best, remain true and courageous to beat the enemy; take with you each day the Hope that God gives you, and Never, Ever, give up.

Ask yourselves each day, “Is life so dear, and peace so sweet, as to be purchased with chains and slavery”, not only for you, but especially for your Children.  Enough.   

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
N. Coordinator SASO
Host, Trigger Warning, am1600kohi

Wrap Yourselves in the Armor of God and Never Give Up

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  1. We knelt in prayer, then rose to confront govt criminals head on, with guns in our hands..They fled, never to return..Wars have battles folks,the specific geographic location where one side or the other will prevail..We chastised and humiliated out of control govt by GOING THERE WHERE THEY WERE ACTING OUT and facing them down..Don’t be a spectator to history.

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