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Leadership Crisis Endangering ALL Military Personnel

Doctors are warning us that the COVID vaccines are sterilizing women and creating blood clots that lead to heart failure

Leadership Crisis Endangering ALL Military Personnel

Leadership Crisis Endangering ALL Military Personnel

Editorial by Roger Whitten

The long-term effects of the COVID vaccines are unknown. The leadership is telling us that the vaccines are safe; yet, the minimum five-year observation trials for gene therapy drugs have not been conducted. The COVID “vaccines” are gene therapy drugs.

Doctors are warning us that the COVID vaccines are sterilizing women and creating blood clots that lead to heart failure. These doctors have been fired from their jobs and sued in the courts in an attempt to coerce others into silence. When criticism is met with an attack on our right to free speech, such criticism is warranted. If the criticism was unfounded, it would be met with argument, not coercion.

What degree of sterilization and blood clotting will occur in the military personnel who are ordered to take the COVID vaccine? The military leadership does not know because no long-term trials have been conducted. After only six months, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the COVID vaccine COMIRNATY. Clearly, the FDA has made a political decision, not a medical decision. FDA approval no longer implies safety because the FDA is no longer doing its job of requiring five-year or longer observation trials for gene therapy drugs.
Consider the following possible scenario:

  1. Military leadership assumes COVID vaccines are safe because of FDA approval of COMIRNATY.
  2. Military leadership orders all personnel to take a COVID vaccine without any knowledge of the long-term effect of the drug.
  3. The military loses tens of thousands of well-trained personnel who question the safety of the COVID vaccines.
  4. Wide-spread sterilization due to the COVID vaccines becomes a fact, which creates a dearth in recruitment.
  5. Health problems resulting from the COVID vaccines become a reality, which forces tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of personnel out of the military.
  6. Lack of personnel cripples the military and endangers our national defense.

Which is more dangerous: COVID or a military leadership that assumes the best possible outcome of its decisions while ignoring all the warning signs of an ensuing disaster?



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