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Last Year’s Heroes Are This Year’s Unemployed

Healthcare workers have been threatened to lose their livelihood if they do not conform and receive the experimental mRNA shots

Last Year’s Heroes Are This Year’s Unemployed

Last Year’s Heroes Are This Year’s Unemployed

by Shari Dovale

When the Covid hit the country last year, the government rightly promoted the frontline healthcare workers. Regardless of their politics, most healthcare workers took an oath to do no harm and they attempted to honor it. They wanted to help anyone that needed them and put themselves in harm’s way to help the sick. They were honored as heroes.

But after months of being the nation’s heroes, they are now being told that they do not matter anymore to the government. They are being treated as robots, to be programmed at the desires of the government. They are not to be allowed the freedom to choose, or make decisions for themselves.

These heroes have been threatened to lose their livelihood if they do not conform and receive the experimental mRNA shots that the government has determined is vital… to the government.

Support for the healthcare workers has grown around the country. In North Idaho, two protests took place this week. Both were held in front of the Kootenai Health complex in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The first coincided with the nationwide “Walkout Wednesday.” Approximately 80 people rallied, waving signs and sharing information.

On Thursday, the protest grew to more than 300 people. The crowd included people that traveled hours to join, as well as professionals from several industries, including the healthcare field.

Covering all 4 corners of the intersection, the response from the people driving past was tremendously in favor of the protesters.

Kootenai Health was informed of the planned protest and carefully worded a statement that said they are not mandating vaccines. What they did not say, however, was whether or not they would do so in the near future.


It has already been mandated by the 3 largest medical providers in the state of Idaho, as announced early last month.

Big Idaho health care providers mandate staff COVID vaccines

Redoubt News spoke with many people at the rally that were far from anti-vax. There were people attending that had received the vaccine, as it was their CHOICE to do so.

And that was their point. People are fighting back because they believe in Freedom of Choice.

Around the world, around the country, and in your local communities, people are defending their right to choose. They can choose to get the vaccine, or not.



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  1. I’m most grateful to those people that remove the bodies from the sidewalks every nite during this pandemic.

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