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Analysis: The Enemy is On the Move

New information that Chinese assets are purchasing strategically significant land in several U.S. states


The Enemy is On the Move

UTT’s Intel current update and analysis:


*Inside the FBI, Counterintelligence matters are being given a lesser priority than they have ever been to date. As UTT has previously published, it is our professional opinion that the U.S. counterintelligence apparatus is not functional, leaving America dangerously exposed to the intelligence and counterintelligence operations from foreign nations and entities at a time of increasing hostility from those same foreign powers.

*Real terrorism threats, from designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations are being sidelined across the FBI in favor of pursuing leads in the investigation of the events that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, which the FBI considers an “insurrection” by “revolutionary” forces. To be clear, real and imminent threats are being ignored by the FBI and the Department of Justice, in favor of investigations into political expediencies set by the current administration. Note: In the US v Paul Hodgkins case the Special Prosecutor for the DoJ admitted in court, Hodgkins, who was present inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, was non-violent and did not meet any of the element of the crime of “Domestic Terrorist” yet the DoJ asked the judge to sentence him as if he were a terrorist. The DoJ and US Attorneys Offices would never have considered, much less gotten away with, requesting a terrorism-grade sentence for a practicing jihadi against whom the government lacked terrorism evidence (as found in 18 USC 2332, 2339A-D, etc.).

*The Harris-Biden regime is knowingly violating U.S. law and the Constitution by (1) assaulting property rights allowing the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to wield authority it does not have by threatening fines and imprisonment for property owners who evict people who unlawfully stay on their property [see Mr. Biden’s comments here], and (2) violating state sovereignty regarding elections by threatening citizens and states with legal action, including DoJ punishments of fines and imprisonment if election integrity is pursued [see the 2 new DoJ policies here and here; and an article here]. It should be noted these gross violations of federal code and the Constitution by U.S. leadership are happening at the same time U.S. agencies are failing to do their duties to protect America, thus leaving the United States vulnerable to numerous lines of attacks

Intelligence Summary

*Consistently, UTT has reported the political and religious ground controlled under the Ottoman Empire is being systematically reclaimed by President Erdogan of Turkey. Recently Erdogan stated, “As the Taliban held some talks with the US, it should hold these talks with Turkey much more comfortably. Because Turkey has nothing that contradicts their beliefs,” thus reaffirming the universality of the jihadi doctrine embedded in Islam and their understanding of the requirement to establish an Islamic caliphate under sharia in Islam. It should further be a reason for Americans to take pause and consider the ramifications of a NATO power announcing that it shares the beliefs of the Taliban – who, to underscore the point, is the organization TO WHOM Al Qaeda swore allegiance, prior to, and after, 9/11.

*In the last couple years, the leaders of the U.S. Islamic Movement have transferred the control of the Movement to Turkey’s Erdogan who, as UTT has written about, will be the next Caliph when the caliphate is established.

*Notably, leaders of the U.S. Islamic Movement are currently telling the muslim community to prepare for jihad. Domestically, the call is for sharia-adherent muslims to dust off their jihadi kit and prepare for the next instruction.

*Chinese communist officials in the United States continue to work in tandem with the leaders of the Chinese-backed communist-founded organization Black Lives Matter (BLM) through the Chinese Progressive Association and Asians 4 Black Lives. BLM, Democratic Socialists of America, Communist Party USA, and other U.S.-based communist groups continue to work with national and state leaders of the Democrat party.

*It was revealed at the end of May 2021 that communist Chinese Army General Sun Guangxin purchased 130,000 acres in south Texas near Laughlin Air Force base. The details of this story can be read in numerous media reports including one here. UTT assesses this was a hostile operation to control strategic property inside the United States for communist China, and to plug into U.S. infrastructure – the Texas grid via Guangxin’s wind farm – to disrupt it and gather intelligence. Texas subsequently passed legislation signed by the governor to prohibit hostile nations like Iran, North Korea, China, and others from plugging into their grid. UTT believes this action is reactive and that many more counterintelligence and security issues remain unresolved in Texas and elsewhere.

*UTT has new information that China and Chinese assets are purchasing strategically significant land in several U.S. states as well for what appears to be a variety of likely preparatory actions. These investigations are ongoing.


  1. In line with previous UTT articles, videos, and assessments, it is clear that Chinese-backed U.S. communist actors are advancing their efforts with at least indirect if not direct support from their communist collaborators inside the U.S. federal government. The direct assault on citizens’ unalienable rights to free expression, property, due process, and others (1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment…), in conjunction with the federal government’s inaction towards easily-identifiable hostile actors and movements and reduction of what little activity there was, indicates a dangerous national security situation for the entire nation and all of its people, whether they recognize these threats or not.
  2. The Global Islamic Movement is advancing per its published plans, both overt and covert. Their assault on free speech through the “Islamophobia” campaign (legislation to enforce these precepts is presently being championed by Rep Ilhan Omar), their preparations to declare the Caliphate, the number of jihadis inside all the components of government, and their accelerating activity in the United States, are all indicators of their level of control of the U.S. federal government’s decision-making process. The recent appointments by the Harris-Biden regime of of suit-wearing jihadis Khizr Khan and Rashad Hussain to serve as the first Muslim Ambassadors-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, are more data points in this assessment. Nearly all of the prominent Islamic organizations in America have been identified through terrorism trial evidence and other analysis as being a part of an organized hostile Islamic Movement to the United States which supports violent jihadi attacks and the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic, yet no action has been taken by any state agency or the federal government to dismantle these networks. This necessarily endangers American citizens and emboldens our enemies to take more aggressive and violent action in the future.
  3. The Islamic and communist Movements in the United States are working together at the international, national, state and local levels. Their level of command and control, detailed planning, coordination, and ability to raise large funding streams for their seditious and revolutionary activity is significant and impressive. These movements control nearly the entire Information Battlespace, and are supported by the current administration along nearly all lines of operation regarding propaganda. Since these hostile forces and their activities are most comparable to an insurgency, the counter to this is a counter-insurgency. The focus of winning a counter-insurgency is at the LOCAL LEVEL, therefore, Patriots and American leaders at all levels must focus the vast majority of their counter-efforts locally. Citizens must be educated and put into action to engage police and elected officials to identify, map out, and dismantle these hostile networks locally. These counter-revolutionary patriots must also maintain a single heart in conformity to the U.S. Constitution as the unifying mission. A sense of urgency, which is currently not widely understood, is needed to accelerate actions to remove hostile actors and their organizations from American communities.

Listen to UTT’s 8/2/2021 Radio Show detailing these issues and other related matters here.



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Understanding the Threat

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