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White House Continues It’s Agenda of Lying

“Why do you need to have that information?” Psaki ridiculed.

White House Continues It’s Agenda of Lying

White House Continues It’s Agenda of Lying

by Shari Dovale

Since the first press conference held after His Fraudulency moved into the White House, “Miss Information” has been saying they will bring “truth and transparency back to the briefing room.”

Yet even the main stream media cannot pretend that this administration much resembles anything transparent.

This week brings the latest lies, in that the numbers of “breakthrough” covid cases at the White House will not be released.

The term “breakthrough cases” refers to fully vaccinated individuals who have come down with Covid-1984.

The news outlet Axios reported that an unnamed White House official and a staffer for House Speaker Pelosi had tested positive following an event with Democratic Texas flee-bagger lawmakers last week.

However, when asked whether the administration would have publicly disclosed this breakthrough COVID case if it hadn’t been reported in the press, Peppermint Patty deflected and dodged the answer. She said the White House will disclose cases involving individuals who were in close contact with top officials going forward.

Because of our commitment to transparency, what we’re going to be providing moving forward are updates on any White House official who tests positive for COVID-19 that the White House medical unit deems as having close contact with the president, vice president, first lady, or second gentleman,” Psaki said.

Then we move on to the next press conference.

A reporter challenged Psaki to give a definitive answer as to how many people in the White House have tested positive for the China Flu after having been fully vaccinated.

“Why not just provide the number? Are you trying to hide something?” the reporter said.

Why do you need to have that information?” Psaki ridiculed.

“Transparency, interest of the public…a better understanding of how breakthrough cases work here in the White House,” the reporter said.

She remembered to drone on about other topics, completely deflecting and refusing to answer. This is quite typical of her behavior, and that of the Harris-Biden Regime.

There you have it. The Regime deciding to call themselves transparent… again … yet refusing to answer even basic questions for the public.


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