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We Are Being Lied To! Don’t Be Silenced!

Local elections for school boards and city government are coming up this Fall

Don’t Be Silenced!

We Are Being Lied To!
Don’t Be Silenced!

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do” -Psalm 11:3

By Bob Shillingstad

Pastor Erwin Lutzer has a new book entitled We Will Not Be Silenced, subtitled “Responding Courageously to our Culture’s Assault one on Christianity.” He has written several books we have mentioned before that are great reads as he is a clear voice warning Christians and the Church of what lies before us. We are not only being silenced but are accepting lies of every sort and many that go against the truth of God.

Think of the lies told over and over as we try to understand events and try to determine what is true. We were told that Russian collusion influenced an election, Ukrainian deals were being made that were worthy of impeachment and the election of 2020 was totally fair. But it isn’t just the national media feeding us these lies; it happens on the local and state level.

In Kootenai County, we were subject to headlines and stories about how students needed to study from home and Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene school districts bravely battled the ravages of the COVID Chinese flu. There was never one story about the Lakeland District that held classes, as normal, five days a week and masks were voluntary. Why was this not a story? The students at Lakeland were not dropping over from sickness and, in fact, the leadership there followed the science which said that young people under the age of 18 had virtually a “zero chance” of adverse reactions to this flu.

The Panhandle Health District mandated mask wearing even when every study for the last 100 years said that masks do almost no good in preventing the spread of a virus. Before I am accused of being a “denier” of the virus, we need to examine who was affected. Out of 2,140 COVID related-deaths from the State of Idaho’s website, 79% of the patients were over the age of 70 and if you add those over 60 to that number then 93% of deaths were over those ages. Nearly all of those had at least two co-morbidities and nearly half were in nursing homes where the average stay is about 9 months.

We knew who was vulnerable and needed the attention and it wasn’t schools and colleges. It did not mean shutting down an economy and bankrupting businesses. Did you read this information in the local newspaper? We realize now that we were being programmed for control, not to wipe out a flu epidemic.

There were no in-depth articles about the “testing” for COVID. The PCR swab test was widely known as unreliable and often picked up viruses that were dead from a previous illness. The normal flu season disappeared this last year with almost zero cases but the Chinese flu affected everyone! But if you had this flu and were tested for antibodies then you are immune from getting it again for a reasonable amount of time. A recent study by the Cleveland Clinic said these antibodies are better than any vaccine and may last decades. Why then does everyone have to have the shot?

We are being lied to about Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools and colleges. The newspapers and their editors are attacking anyone who would suggest that this is true. They also will attack college trustees who are conservative and are trying to make a difference. If you are an independent group like the Idaho Freedom Foundation, the newspapers will not stop trying to destroy you. Of course, social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have joined in to make sure your thinking is socially correct.

Here is where we are in 2021. National elections are 18 months away but local elections for school boards and city government are coming up this Fall. We have to start now to vet the candidates, contribute to campaigns and get the vote out. We are seeing this across the country and it is a new “Tea Party” wave but it’s starting at the local level.

Be informed, read books like We Will Not Be Silenced and others. Christians need to be unapologetic about truth and God’s word and be willing to share the gospel with everyone they meet. That is the real answer to the war we have against the spirit of the age.


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