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Reign of Terror: Hunter’s Influence

Hunter made millions off his father’s name, and Joe didn’t do too badly himself.

Reign of Terror: Hunter’s Influence

Reign of Terror:
Hunter’s Influence

by Shari Dovale

The Communist Democrats not only worship themselves but they treasure their attempts to hold themselves up as the antithesis of President Donald Trump.

They rant on about what they consider their “bona fides” to running the country.

What they don’t want to talk about is their corruption and dishonesty. They would much prefer people call this bad behavior “Ethics” and the “New Normal.”

In this chapter on the current Reign of Terror, we are going to delve into some of Creepy Joe’s ethical conundrums concerning the heir apparent, Hunter.

Hunter Biden has always leaned towards the sleezy side of life. Beginning with an affair with his brother’s wife, to his fondness for hookers and drugs, he has always grabbed anything that would make life easier, and more fun for him.

It was not a stretch to believe that he quickly fell into the trap of selling his father’s access for profit. Certainly, he is well known for his business dealings with China and Ukraine while his father was Vice President to Barack Obama.

However, did his father know about it, and did Dementia Joe profit from it as well?

The Sun reported:

JOE Biden is “the big guy” in for a 10 percent cut in a business deal with a Chinese energy firm discussed in his son Hunter’s leaked emails, according to a person involved in the talks.

Yes, if Quid Pro Joe took the money, then he is as guilty, if not more, than Sonny-Boy Hunter.

Eurasia Group president and TIME Magazine columnist Ian Bremmer appeared on CNN to try to warn the Biden campaign in 2019 about the problems that Hunter would cause for Creepy Joe.

I have to say, $50,000 a month for Hunter Biden clearly to be selling influence, because otherwise no one would ever pay him that kind of money, for a company that frankly was pretty corrupt and has been before and has been since under investigations.”

Jonathan Turley has recently reported on the new emails that raise additional allegations of influence peddling by Hunter Biden in which his father had to have direct knowledge.

There is a major allegation that Hunter used access to his father to seal previously unknown deals with Mexican businessmen, including Carlos Slim.

Carlos Slim with Hunter and Joe Biden in 2015

The new emails include references to the use of Air Force II by Hunter Biden to pursue the deals — a similar pattern revealed with regard to the China dealings. The emails detail a number of visits to Mexico, including a February 2016 flight on Air Force II with his father.

Hunter Biden used the perks of his dad’s vice presidency to pursue business deals with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Luis Cortes/Reuters

The new emails contain additional information directly contradicting President Biden. In addition to earlier pictures from golf trips and references to his involvement or knowledge, new material refers to a notable dinner arranged in Washington, D.C.

The New York Post has weighed in, as well:

The charmed path that always opens for Hunter when his father meets a foreign leader or oligarch led him to Mexico on a VIP trip the following year. Hunter’s diary in May 2011 shows a “tentative tour hosted by Carlos Slim” of the tycoon’s private “Soumaya Museum,” in Mexico City,

Turley finishes by telling us:

It is clear that Hunter Biden was selling access and influence. It appears that Joe Biden was aware of that effort. That is very serious.  If these emails are false, this is a major story. If they are true, this is a major scandal.  Presumably, however, this story will result in another run to the nearest ice cream shop for breathless coverage on the current frozen delights of the President.

All of this tells us that Joe has been contradicted at every turn. Hunter made millions off his father’s name, and Joe didn’t do too badly himself.

Ethics has never seemed to be a problem for His Fraudulency in the past, so why should it be a problem now?

It wont be a problem for the Commies in DC because there is no reason to believe that this will stop. No, it would be a much safer bet to understand that this will likely continue for the duration of the Democrat Communists Reign of Terror.



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