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Recall the FORMER Republican Bill Brooks



Can You Help?

July 28, 2021

Help is needed for petitions to recall Bill Brooks as County Commissioner. Personally I feel that if he thought the job was more than he wanted to handle he should not have run for commissioner.
Here are the reasons from the petition:

  1. Proposal and support of a study group to restructure the Kootenai County Government potentially removing the rights of the citizens of Kootenai County to directly elect our Sheriff, Prosecutor, Treasurer, Assessor, Clerk and Coroner.
  2. His blockage of an ordinance establishing Kootenai County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. An ordinance that would hold any federal or state law or regulation that “infringes upon an individual’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms” as invalid in Kootenai County. Mr. Brooks referred to the proposed ordinance as “cheap political theater” and a “stunt”.

If you are able to help please check out the web site: RinoRecall There is information there as well as copies of the forms. If for some reason the forms do not print send me a note and I will see that you get some. Email: Jim Hollingsworth

22,159 signatures must be collected by September 27, 2021. Remember that everyone who signs must be a registered voter and a resident of Kootenai County. If people have moved since voting last they will need to re-register.

The election will be in March. However, if we can turn in sufficient numbers a week early the recall can be placed on the November ballot.

This is an important matter. If you feel Mr. Brooks is doing a good job please do not sign the petition.

Jim Hollingsworth

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