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Pedophiles Admit It Was Always About The Children

This is the “New Normal” that the Socialists want to force on you

Pedophiles Admit It Was Always About The Children

Pedophiles Admit It Was Always About The Children

by Shari Dovale

A disturbing video is making the rounds on social media. The San Francisco gay men’s chorus released their newest song in which they declare that they are “coming for your children.”

You think we’re sinful
You fight against our rights
You say we all lead lives you can’t respect
But you’re just frightened
You think that we’ll corrupt your kids
If our agenda goes unchecked
Funny, just this once, you’re correct

The original YouTube video gained 114 likes and 7,200 dislikes before they made it private, however by then, many had downloaded and shared it so as not to let it get hidden again.

Bragging that “The gay agenda is here!” the song mocks parents who want to keep their children away from the LGBTQ agenda.

It was written by @RosserandSohne. The Daily Veracity reports that the duo had to apologize last year for writing music endorsing Afghan child sex abuse.

They also report that many of the Chorus’ members are matching a sex offender list:

Allegedly, several of the names of the members in the chorus and the board of directors match up with many convicted pedophiles on California sex offender registries.

Big League Politics also weighed in on the pedophiles:

While conservatives are regularly booted from Twitter for speaking their minds, the platform allows pedos to advocate for abuse. Twitter has amended their terms of service at the behest of pedophiles in the past, and their platform remains a major hub for the spread of child pornography.”

National File reported on the video, noting that it took place over Zoom:

The irony that the chorus was taking place over Zoom to “socially distance” to stop spreading the coronavirus was not lost on some, with conservative commentators highlighting that the gay community in San Francisco was the epicenter of the AIDS bath house epidemic in the 1980s.

Anthony Fauci, who led the country’s response to coronavirus, admitted in February to frequenting the gay bars and bath houses at the time, so he could gain a better scientific understanding of how HIV and AIDS spread among the homosexual population.

These people are depraved and Godless. This is the “New Normal” that the Socialists want to force on you.

Stand Up for Your Rights! If not you, then who?



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