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Our National Foundation

Many Christian patriots are doing all they can to prevent the complete failure of our constitutional foundation

Our National Foundation

Our National Foundation

by Pete Ketcham

The dramatic and tragic collapse of the 12 story condominium building in Florida illustrates, that if the foundation deteriorates over time and is not corrected in a timely manner, the entire structure will come down. In like manner, that is what is happening to the moral foundation of our nation today.

The first cracks in our national foundation began to appear when the baby boomers ( in the early 60’s) began the “takeover” of our higher education system. Over the years this “takeover” progressed down through the entire education system as the boomers became teachers and professors, converting the entire education system into an indoctrination system. This transition from education to indoctrination was aided by the Supreme Court decision that threw out school prayer in 1962, which in essence threw out the influence of the Christian belief system.

Consequently, since 1962 the nation’s moral foundation has progressively deteriorated to a point, that today it is in eminent danger of crumbling down into a massive pile of moral debris, similar to the condominium collapse.

Many Christian patriots are doing all they can to prevent the complete failure of our constitutional foundation, and I pray that God would bless their efforts, but unfortunately, because of the fraudulent election of Biden and his degenerate cabal, it is all coming down much faster than many of us had anticipated.

It is naive to look forward to the “next election” as the solution to this “national foundation” problem. This problem goes much deeper than just gaining the house, senate, or presidency, it has the potential for the destruction of our traditional constitutional christian nation regardless of who holds the majority of power.

Lastly, we have now come past “the point of no return”, and desperately need God’s miraculous help to repair the crumbling foundation of this nation before we experience a total collapse.



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