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Biden’s Nominee to Head BLM Is An Eco-Terrorist

Tree spiking is a form of eco-terrorism popular among far-left environmental activists

Biden’s Nominee to Head BLM Is An Eco-Terrorist

Biden’s Nominee to Head BLM Is An Eco-Terrorist

by Shari Dovale

Biden’s controversial nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is Tracy Stone-Manning. She is well known for her role in an Idaho tree-spiking case in 1989.

Tree spiking is a form of eco-terrorism popular among far-left environmental activists in which they jam metal rods into trees and turn them into deadly projectiles when processed for logging.

In May, 1987, 2 years before Stone-Manning helped a group in Idaho, a sawmill worker named George Alexander was nearly decapitated when a tree-spike shattered his sawblade at the Cloverdale Louisiana-Pacific mill in northern California. Alexander was 23 years old and just married, with his wife 3 months pregnant at the time of the accident.

This event was so serious that the leader of Earth First! denounced tree spiking. However, there are still members of this terrorism group that believe the danger to people was worth the risk. Among those that continued this practice was the group that Tracy Stone-Manning joined and assisted.

In 1989 Stone-Manning typed and mailed a letter for a former roommate, John P. Blount, anonymously warning the U.S. Forest Service that 500 pounds of spikes had been driven into trees in a swath of Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest set for harvest.

She admitted she did not come forward about her knowledge of Blount’s 1989 tree spiking until her 1993 testimony. Additionally, she garnered a sweet plea deal that guaranteed her immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying against two of her friends.

Stone-Manning addressed the incident in a state legislative hearing when she was nominated to lead the Montana Department of Environmental Quality:

“I’m sure everyone in this room regrets things they’ve done in their early 20s, but we all accumulate lessons,” Stone-Manning said at the time.

An innocent youthful mistake? Really?

More recently, Stone-Manning has promoted her husband’s article in Harper’s Magazine, in which he advocates for letting people’s homes burn if they are in the forest. Because… well … Climate Change!

Perhaps the feds should commit themselves to refusing to send in the troops to any county that has not taken such measures. Perhaps the solution to houses in the interface is to let them burn.

The Democrat Comrades in Washington are keeping their collective mouths closed for the time being, leaving it to Republicans to blow the whistle on this terrorist. If she were to be confirmed, she would be in charge of more than 275 million acres of public land.

Do we really need someone that ignored the laws of our country, and attempted to hurt people for her personal cause, running our Public Lands?



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