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Winder’s Target is Misdirected, Typical Liberal Move

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Widner’s Target is Misdirected, Typical Liberal Move

As a Response to Wayne Hoffman‘s : Chuck Winder Is The Real Threat To Idaho and America

Chuck Winder’s statement that Idaho’s Freedom Foundation is the biggest threat against Democracy may in fact be the truth since the Idaho Freedom Foundation was founded to defend the Republic and our Constitution while the Democrats are in fact the biggest threat to what our Founding Fathers left the people as a Government.

I stand in support of Idaho’s Freedom Foundation in defense of our Republic form of Government and declare, without reservations, that it is in fact the democrats who are without question the greatest threat to our Government and our Freedoms.

Our Founding Fathers spoke out against the Democratic form of Government for a number of reasons, since the day they lost the decision, they have never stopped their fight against our Republic form of Government. I believe it is time they be outed for their unabashed attacks on our government and held accountable as the traitors they are.

Bill O’Neil

Priest River, ID

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