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War on Christianity Comes to Spokane

Cancel Culture has morphed into a tool of the Radical Extremists on the Left, used against anyone that disagrees with them

War on Christianity Comes to Spokane

War on Christianity Comes to Spokane

by Shari Dovale

The hatred of the Atheist Left has increased dramatically as they see the Rise of Christianity in the World.

In the small region of the American Redoubt, the pagans that would like nothing better than to wipe out God are stepping up their rhetoric in the face of overwhelming failure on their part.

The haters at ‘Stronger Together Spokane’ are pushing Satan’s agenda and bringing the ‘Cancel Culture’ to our neighborhoods. Trying to legitimize themselves with the “Religious Diversity” sticker attached, it does not fool anyone.  That is a common Leftist tactic used to hide their true agenda of Removing God from our lives.

Though they continue spewing the Progressive mantras of “I Can’t Breathe” and “Black Lives Matter”, their favorite seems to be to chant that everything Christian is evil and homophobic.



They have saved their special hatred for a new church called “On Fire Ministries”, whose Pastor is Combat Veteran and former State Representative Matt Shea.

They have shown their unhinged hostility towards Shea repeatedly over the years as they watch his success grow in spreading the Word of God throughout Spokane. They are correct in that Shea is enormously successful in sharing Jesus with the public, and this seems to terrify them enough to ramp up their malevolence and venom.

War on Christianity

War on Christianity

The latest attempts from Satan’s imps to close down Christianity brings the Cancel Culture to Spokane, and the Spokane Valley Events Center is right on board with these Heathens in their attempts to keep God away from the people.

As they look for a permanent location, the Church held their first week’s services at the Mirabeau Park Hotel. They then moved to the Spokane Valley Events Center (SVEC) on Memorial Day weekend.

It was unclear why the SVEC cancelled their contract after one service until this was posted by the haters at Stronger Together Spokane:War on Christianity

Cancel Culture is said to be designed to expose the wrongdoings of people in power and influence, however it has morphed into a tool of the Radical Extremists on the Left, used against anyone that disagrees with them. Under the mistaken and sad philosophy that only they can be correct, no one is allowed another opinion, and no one is allowed to disagree. That is mob mentality and that is Cancel Culture.

Satan has used this tool to wage War on Christianity, and it is alive and well in Spokane.

Satan is not winning, however, as ON FIRE MINISTRIES has secured another location for this weekend. You can join them at the DoubleTree by Hilton Spokane City Center, 322 N Spokane Falls Ct. 10:00 AM Sunday.


Showing their enormous popularity, photo from the first week’s services for On Fire Ministries. (Facebook)


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