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Our Country Is Slipping Away

One fact has become abundantly clear to me, we are losing the battle to retain our constitutional nation.

slipping away Liberal Cities Sue Federal Govt Over ‘Law & Order’

Our Country Is Slipping Away

by Pete Ketcham

As I read the news on the web, listen to statements by “conservative” Republican politicians, listen to conservative talk show hosts (15 hours a day if you want), and read numerous articles on conservative websites, one fact has become abundantly clear to me, we are losing the battle to retain our constitutional nation, it is slipping away.

None of the entities I have referred to in the previous paragraph have been able to come up with any winning strategy, they are only able to tell us how bad the social and political actions of the ungodly liberal criminals are. This is not to say they are not providing a vital service, as they are indispensable to the conservative cause, but they are not the solution.

Being informed of what is taking place (good or bad) in our nation is necessary if there is ever going to be any effective action taken to save our constitutional nation, but substituting talk and information for effective action, which we have done for the last forty years, has brought us to the brink of losing our nation as founded.

The conservatives for the last forty years have basically failed to form powerful nationwide coalitions, such as the ungodly liberals have done. As an organized army must be formed to defeat an enemy, it is imperative that nationwide conservative coalitions be formed to save the nation, but that is not what is happening based on my experience (as follows):

  1. In 2008 I had written a five page article urging the leaders of the major bible believing denominations to form a nationwide coalition that could promote (once again) the christian principles our nation was founded on. I received no response from any of the denomination leaders I had personally contacted, not one.
  2. As an active local TeaParty leader in 2011, I had attended meetings of other local TeaParties, urging the formation of one statewide TeaParty with local chapters. No one was interested in this concept, and preferred to remain as independent organizations. Today the TeaParty no longer exists as a political force, it has zero political influence.
  3. Recently, I had sent an editorial (via email) to the conservative Oregon county commissioners and sheriffs urging them to form a statewide & nationwide political action coalition. Out of approximately sixty individual emails sent, I received two positive responses, and two negative responses.

It should be noted, that the type of coalition I had promoted was not the type of limited coalition with a grandiose name, and which primarily exists on the solicited donations of others, but was of the nature and size of nationwide liberal coalitions such as the National Education Association (NEA), and Black Lives Matter (BLM).


It seems evident (unfortunately), that in the near future there is not going to be any significant nationwide conservative coalitions formed. For some reason, the God-fearing conservatives believe they can win the war fighting as individuals or as small groups.

If the original thirteen colonies had not united into one continental army, there would never have been a constitutional nation, but apparently the lessons of history are going to be ignored as this nation slips from the hands of the God-fearing conservatives.


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