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Nationwide County Coalition

I can only speculate how bad it has to get before the counties take action, if ever.

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Nationwide County Coalition

by Pete Ketcham

Several months ago I had contacted numerous Oregon (conservative) county commissioners & sheriffs, proposing a statewide conservative county coalition, but received only two responses out of many individual emails sent. It became evident that these various Oregon county officials had little interest in forming a united conservative effort in their opposition to the unconstitutional laws that were being mandated by the state of Oregon and the federal government. This disinterest is somewhat puzzling in light of the fact that the conservative (Red) counties today are facing the same situation that the original thirteen colonies faced in their individual opposition to the oppressive mandates and laws imposed on them by England.

Wisely, the colonies united, with the result the United States was born, but this wisdom from the past does not seem to have any place in the agendas of these present day county commissioners.


I remain puzzled that a major strategic asset a such as a conservative county coalition, is being ignored, especially when we see the tremendous success of opposing liberal coalitions, such as the LGBT, Black Lives Matter, National Teachers Association (NEA), and the list goes on.

With the continued and increasing chaos in the larger Democrat controlled cities, the rural counties remain the last barricade (and perhaps refuge) to the insanity of the liberal Democrats.

I can only speculate how bad it has to get before the counties take action (if ever), but if the first four months of the Biden administration is any indicator, he and his advisers may complete the total collapse of our nation by the end of his first (and last) four year term.

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