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First Sitting Lawmaker Ever To Be Expelled in Oregon

In a late night vote, his own party hung him out to dry, for federal funds.

First Sitting Lawmaker To Be Expelled in Oregon

First Sitting Lawmaker Ever To Be Expelled in Oregon

By Bret Roush 

Let me introduce you to Rep. Mike Nearman, a four term Republican, serving since 2015, the hardest working CONSERVATIVE Representative in the Oregon House. Or, he was. 59 to 1 was the vote to cast him among the heathen for opening a door that should never have been closed. It is against the state constitution to block public access to the capitol building.

The Republican ‘machine’ threw him under the bus for supporting the constitution. The rumored reason? Gov. Kate Brown threatened to withhold Covid-19(84) funds doled out from the Federal Government. It was set to be distributed $4,000,000 for each Senator to spend in his district as they see fit, and $2,000,000 for each Representative. Do we now know the price for which politicians can be had?

In a late night vote on June 10th, his own party hung him out to dry, for federal funds. The leftist narrative is that he allegedly planned and allowed armed protesters into the capital for disruptive purposes, calling it an ‘armed incursion’. It seems that he is being charged with a Class A misdemeanor (1st degree official misconduct) and a Class C misdemeanor (2nd degree criminal trespass).

At least they allowed him in to vote against the resolution that found his actions as ‘disorderly conduct’ and allowed those politically motivated house members to eject him. It’s not bad enough that the liberals have a super-majority, but they had to find a way to force the RINOs to join them. However, since they are RINOs, it could not have been too difficult.


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