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Democrats Try To Backtrack on ‘Defund the Police’

The “Summer of Love” for the Democrats turned into the “Summer of Hell” for the rest of the country

Democrats Try To Backtrack on 'Defund the Police'
“Defund The Police” was painted on the street near the White House on June 08, 2020 in Washington, DC. After days of protests in DC over the death of George Floyd, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has renamed that section of 16th street “Black Lives Matter Plaza”.

Democrats Try To Backtrack on ‘Defund the Police’

by Shari Dovale

Defund the Police” has been the Communist Mantra since the day that George Floyd died in Minneapolis. Every Democrat, every Progressive, and everyone afraid of being called a “racist” has taken up the chant, led by the self-described ‘Marxist’ Black Lives Matter (BLM) hooligans.

The Democrats quickly jumped on board as their heads spun with delusions of taking over the country and blaming the Big Orange Man for all their problems.

Defund the Police
Jenny Durkan

Cowardly Democrat politicians allowed criminals to take over a section of Seattle declaring it to be a different country than America, which they called CHAZ—Capitol Hill Autonomy Zone, then later CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest). No police were allowed. The Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, called it the “Summer Of Love” and tried to convince everyone that the takeover by Antifa and BLM was a really good thing.

The “Summer of Love” for the Democrats turned into the “Summer of Hell” for the rest of the country.

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi supported the riots until the polls turned on her. Her initial reactions to rioting and destroying statues included: “People will do what they do,” she said as she shrugged.

She did not come out against the thugs until September 2020, after more than three months of chaos and crime ran rampant across the country.

Socialist nut-job, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), was asked, “What does an America with defunded police look like to you?” AOC responded, “It looks like a suburb.

Michigan’s Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib also called for no policing or incarceration:

For more than a year the country has endured the Democrats pushing for Communist tactics to take control of the people.

Their pièce de résistance was H.R.1280 – George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021. From the Daily Wire:

House Democrats passed a controversial police reform bill late on Wednesday evening that critics argue would effectively “defund the police” by costing police departments across the country hundreds of millions of dollars that they say will force those departments to make cuts to their budgets.

There was bipartisan support against the bill and only partisan Democrat support for it. The vote was initially passed with 219 Democrat votes and 1 Republican vote with 210 Republicans opposing it and 2 Democrats opposing it. However, the lone Republican that voted for it, Rep. Lance Gooden (TX), announced that he accidentally voted for the bill and that he changed his official record to vote against the bill.

Defund the Police

Yet, now that they world is watching the results of this Marxist takeover, and the rising crime rates that go along with it, the lying Dems want you to believe that the Republicans were the party calling for the Defunding of Police, not the partisan, grandstanding, malevolent Democrat Comrades.

More Lies: Democrats Now Claim They Never Wanted To “Defund The Police”

Even Peppermint Patty at the White House has suggested it was Republicans:


  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he was reinstating $92 million to build a new precinct.
  • Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott is now proposing a $27 million increase in the police budget after cutting the budget by $22 million.
  • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti proposed an increase of $50 million to the police budget.

Let us hope and pray that they are not successful in their rewriting of history… again… We cannot afford to raise our children within the confines of the Propaganda machine that Orwell called the Ministry of Truth in “1984.”

You can read this prophetic novel of totalitarian control for free, at


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