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CRT & Nazism, Identical Philosophies

There are major similarities between the tactics the Nazis used in their persecution of the Jews, and today with CRT

crt Critical Race Theory

CRT & Nazism, Identical Philosophies

by Pete Ketcham

It has become evident to the conservatives that our nation is being assaulted by the Democrat party and godless liberals who are promoting socialism & communism to replace our constitutional form of government. What is not so well realized, is that in their process of destroying our constitutional government, we are also being assaulted by Nazism in the form of Critical Race Theory. (CRT)

There are major similarities between the tactics the Nazis used in their demonetization and persecution of the Jews, and what is taking place today with the CRT. Some of these similarities are as follows:

  1. Physical characteristics of race were used to demonize a portion of the national German population. For example the German Jews had a specific shape of nose, which the Nazis exploited as a defect in character. In like manner the advocates of CRT have stated that being white is a automatic character flaw.
  2. The Nazis hated the belief in God the Jews professed, and In like manner the ungodly liberals hate the belief in God the christian conservatives profess.
  3. The Nazis removed all Jewish teachers and professors from their education system because they were not promoting the Nazi philosophy. Likewise christian teachers and professors in the US are being fired when they publicly profess their conservative viewpoint in the classroom, and even out of the classroom. And in many cases are not being hired because of their Christian moral beliefs.
  4. The Nazis successfully demonized the Jews by all media means available in the 30’s and 40’s. They used posters, radio, movies, newspapers, and political gatherings to apply their derogatory labels to them such as “vermin”, “parasites” “traitors“ etc. Today in our nation the godless liberal left are also using all media means to apply labels to the conservatives, such as “racist”, “white supremacist”, “Bigot” ,“homophobe”, “xenophobe” and the list goes on.
  5. The Nazis used their “Brown Shirt” mobs to march through Jewish communities and business districts, breaking glass store fronts and trashing their stores. Today the liberals and the Democrat party are using Antifa & Black Lives Matter mobs to march through business districts, breaking glass store fronts, and trashing the stores.
  6. The Nazis were motivated by pure hatred of the Jews, and imprisoned & killed as many of them they could get their hands on. Today the Democrat party and the godless liberals are also motivated by pure hatred of white conservatives & Christians, and would do the same to them, except (by the grace of God) they do not have the necessary police power to accomplish their goal, and unlike the unarmed population of Nazi Germany, we still have our weapons of self defense.



There are other similarities between Nazism and CRT that could be listed, but these six are sufficient to illustrate that the evil of the past Nazi culture has now arrived in our nation. History has shown that the Nazis were the personification of satanic evil in their treatment of the Jews, and we as conservative Christians are now fighting this same satanic evil as we strive to maintain our Constitutional Republic.


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