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Beware of Sources

Mega-droughts have persisted in the American West for centuries. Ask the Indians.


Beware of Sources

By Jeremy Conlin

Here is cherry picking for you. On June 19, 2021, The American Thinker published “Climate
Change Drought Fairy Tale Season Is Here”, by H. Sterling Burnett which provides valuable
insights into hot and dry weather in the American West. Citing an EPA statement that “… the
last 50 years have generally been wetter than average” and “the overall trend is down”. Mr
Burnett includes the observation from the NOAA that “… America is currently undergoing its
longest period in recorded history with less than 40% of the country experiencing ‘very dry”
conditions.” “The U. S. in 2017 – and again in 2019 – registered its smallest percentage of land
area experiencing drought.” Further, California in 2019 “experienced that state’s ‘wettest’
year since official records have been kept.”

These are the reports from two major U S agencies. To learn more, go to The American

Coincidentally, on June 19, 2021, the Daily Bee published an Associated Press article
written by Anita Snow stressing the high heat temperatures in the American West. She waited
merely a few days after the cold and wet weather had left Colorado and surrounding states.
Predictably, Ms Snow stated “With more frequent and intense heat waves likely because of
climate change and the worst drought in modern history…”The incessant and unfounded fear
mongering continues.

Anyway, mega-droughts have persisted in the American West for centuries. Ask the Indians.
Droughts happen.

Do not lapse into reliance on uneducated sources. Read for yourself.


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