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When We Win, County Clowns Cheat – Part 2

This new Law is not the Law that the people passed

When We Win, County Clowns Cheat - Part 2

When We Win, County Clowns Cheat – Part 2

by Chris Brumbles

There are factions in this Columbia County Oregon that did not like the people standing up to protect their Natural Born Rights, and I believe that there are a few County officials that did not like it either.

Recently, County Employees elected to do something very strange…or was it planned? The County decided to merge two laws passed by the people into one law for reasons that weren’t really clear to me in the beginning, but seem to be much more nefarious as I investigate.

Since judicial review is not the norm for Ballot Measures, I believe that the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance (SAPO 2018), and the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO 2020), were blended for the purpose of creating a new law in order to get it in front of a judge for the purpose of having it overturned and thrown out.

This new Law is not exactly the Law that the people passed, as it leaves it up to the County (with the insertion of the word “may”) as whether to enforce the penalty portion or not. The people wanted the penalties to assure compliance. The County Attorney also decided to eliminate the Severability clause to ensure the outcome that she desired.

This Law did not change any gun laws; therefore, it did not violate OR 166-170, the pre-emption statute. It did however tell the county what they could not spend our money on; which I believe to be within our Rights since it is our money, and we absolutely do not have to allow our money to be spent on infringing on our Natural Born Rights, or enslaving our children.

The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine is a list of 5 SCOTUS cases, spanning from 1842 to 2018, the lynchpin being Mack Prinze v US, that have confirmed time and time again that a higher magistrate such as the Federal government could not force a lower magistrate such as a state government, to be the enforcement arm of the laws that they have written. When a state or county are nullifying laws, they are heeding the advice that James Madison wrote in Federalist #46, and that Jefferson and Madison wrote about in the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions.

Federalist #46 gave remedies for a run-away government and unpopular laws, and nullification was one of the least painful remedies, and the least bloody. Nullification has been practiced since before we were country. The colonists nullified the stamp act, people practiced nullification with the fugitive slave act (see Priggs vs Pennsylvania, 1842) , Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks nullified Jim Crow laws, and more recently, Sheriff Mack, Sheriff Prinz, and several other Sheriffs, nullified parts of Brady Act…and won at the Supreme Court of the United States.

We are a government of, by, and for the people, and in two separate elections the people of this county stepped up to allow their voice to be heard to protect their Rights. They did this because their elected employees were plundering them instead of doing their duty as referenced in the Declaration of Independence; ”to protect those Rights, governments were instituted”. We did not create government to nanny or lord over us, but to protect our Unalienable, Natural Born, Individual Rights, which are antecedent to government by thousands of years. We do not elect Kings in this country.

If you read legal commentaries written in the first 50 years of this country’s existence, and I might add, by the greatest legal minds that have ever existed, it is confirmed that every gun law is illegal. There are several SCOTUS decisions that remind us that any law repugnant to the Constitution is void ab initio, and Logic tells us that shall not be Infringed, does not mean that you can infringe on our Rights if it conflicts with your personal beliefs or Ideology.

Constitutional advocate Chris Brumbles submits 1,300 signatures to the Columbia County Elections Department to put the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance on the November 2018 voter ballot.

I have read two thousand years of history concerning guns, and all through history it has been known that the Right to keep and bear arms is a Natural Right to protect the 1st Law of Nature,the Right to life, from criminals, and tyrannical government…but I repeat myself. The Bible re-enforces the principle of the Right to bear arms for protection; Aristotle reinforces the Natural Right to bears arms, and even Machiavelli, who I believe encourages corruption and tyranny, believed in the Right to keep, and bear arms.

When it comes to the Right to keep and bear arms, our Laws confirm it, history validates it, legal commentaries from our first 50 years verify it, the Bible re-enforces it, and in Columbia County the people have demanded it, not once, but twice in as many elections.

The SAPO and the SASO were checked by several lawyers and found to be legal. I do not believe there was any reason to blend these laws, in fact I believe that Measures 5-270 and 5-278 were blended for the sole purpose of creating a new law in order to get them all in front of a judge, in the hope of getting them thrown out; thereby extirpating the will of the voters and doing it in a way as to keep the hands of the manipulators involved clean.

I find it strange that leftist activists who are misinformed by believing this country to be a Democracy, would be so outraged about a law created by the people of this county, in a fair election. Just as mysterious is the fact that these gun hating Ameriphobes don’t believe in our Natural Born Rights that are given us by God at birth, protected in our Constitution, and enshrined in our Bill of Rights; all while believing that it is ok to nullify Federal Law when it comes to illegal invaders and Marijuana. I sense duplicity.

There also seems to be evidence that the County Attorney reached out to a radical far-left anti-Rights group; Bloomberg’s Everytown. Does that smell of conflict of Interest to anyone else, how about corruption, or conspiracy, maybe conduct unbecoming a county employee.

It is self-evident to me that there was a conspiracy here between the County Attorney Sarah Hanson, possibly the DA Jeff Auxier who had to know what was going on, and at least one County Commissioner who I believe to be Henry Heimuller. Henry had at least two chances in the past 5 years to support the SAPO and the SASO, and refused to protect the Rights of the people, but somehow enthusiastically voted to pass this new farce that the county wrote without rhyme or reason. I may have been born at night, but I was not born last night.

As the Chief Petitioner of the SAPO and the SASO, I am appalled at the lack of effort to make sure all sides of this issue were aware of what was going on. I was not even given a courtesy call, and for some reason not even one of the many thousands who signed petitions and voted on these laws were able to testify. We did not have a friend in the room, but for some reason, a Lawyer for Everytown from NY, the Attorney General of our state, and four radical far-left Marxists from our County heard of this and chimed in.

We have been experiencing a Fascist, Illegal state of being in the past year where the people are illegally blocked from their Capitol and other meetings of elected employees, and this is when such a controversial endeavor is attempted. It reeks of a set-up, and when this is over, there will be consequences as I will not let the electorate forget how they have been betrayed. No, it is not just at the state level that people must be vigilante and watch for usurpations.

I believe that what the County has done is illegal in several ways, and that the people will prevail in the end. We cannot allow this in-your-face tyranny in our County. When this is over, I will call on all for help with some payback I have in mind. Until then, please call and email the Columbia County Commissioners and ask them why they are trying to fix what the people passed and aint broke and ask that the County Attorney Sarah Hanson be fired for conflict of interest and conspiring against the will of the people. When We WIN, They CHEAT.


Additional Information:

Sarah Hanson

1. Merged our two laws/ No reason to. 2. Wrote a new law 2021-1 and nullified the penalties by putting in the word May, also threw out the Severability Clause so that this new law could be thrown out for one mistake. 3. Evidence shows she is likely the one who called in Everytown and their NY lawyer. 4. Has made it evident for years that she did not like our SAPO and then SASO. 5. Possible connections with Marxist groups in County 5. No attempt to Contact Chief Petitioner, and no good guys in the room for comments….Guilty

Henry Heimuller, County Commissioner

1 Was asked on two separate occasions to protect the peoples Rights by placing SAPO on the ballot, refused and lost his temper when the camaras went off./ Took it to the people and they passed it.

2. When reporting to speak on the SAPO, Commissioners changed order of agenda so that left-wing groups could attack and slander me, not being able to respond. /Very unusual, never seen that done before or since.

3. Only Commissioner since the beginning of my campaigns and did not call me.

4. Would not vote for SAPO or even sign petition for SAPO or SASO, but signed their new law. BS, Guilty.

Contact County Commissioners:  503-397-4322

Commissioner Margaret Magruder

Commissioner Henry Heimuller

Commissioner Casey Garrett

County Attorney, Sarah Hanson


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In Liberty,
Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
N. Coordinator SASO
Host, Trigger Warning, am1600kohi


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